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Session Eight - The Ransom (Part Four)

Frandor's Keep


Huzzah! In the mean time I found out what the problem with my computer was (a SSD I had attached was sucking too much juice) so I was able to stream the entire session from last night! Mind you, it’s like 3+ hours long and I doubt anyone would want to watch that straight. But hey, just in case:

This is another session that was primarily filled with combat, but a marked difference from the last session.

After some first aid Barodin and Massar are up to 3 hit points and Kythan is totally fine. They’ve been up all day and half the night and so people are getting quite tired. Discussion begins about if it would be suicide to go back into the Manor or not, if they should leave the Earls daughter to her own fate and save their own skins. Added to this is the fact that the last session gave them enough EPs to hit level 2, but they still have to go train… Ultimately, Barodin says they must “rescue his princess”, Zatha wants the reward and loot and Kythan is always pro-Risk. Massars player wasn’t here yet so he just moped dishonourably in the darkness.

Kythan volunteers to wait hidden in one of the (delicious) berry bushes and watch the Manor while the rest go and camp somewhere. The other three head about a mile down the road and go into the bush to camp. Luckily there are no encounters for them.

From his hidden vantage point Kythan sees a group of at least six (more like nine) goblins come out of the manor and make a half-hearted look around. The goblin witchdoctor comes out and barks orders at them but eventually they all go back inside except for two that are left outside the main door as guards. After maybe ten more minutes a couple of goblins come out and set up torches near the door so the guards can see. Course in reality that just makes them kinda night-blind, but hey goblins aren’t too bright. After maybe a half-hour after that the witchdoctor comes out with a parcel and hurls it down the hill in the direction the PCs left in.

So the players don’t know, but by injuring the witchdoctor and killing his two lieutenants (and some of the breeders) they have caused something of a morale problem within the goblin camp. The rest aren’t sure that there is any ransom coming, and pretty much are just in favour of eating Alimira instead. To show he’s serious he cuts off one of her fingers and writes a note demanding double ransom and throws it outside thinking the party will probably still be scouting the area. He details the remaining goblins to throw all the bodies down into the cellar and then sends four to sleep in the barracks, two outside to guard the door, two to guard the prisoner and the rest back in the main hall with him. They remain in a state of readiness, but unfortunately (for them) this causes the active goblins to be pretty tired by the time something happens.

In the morning the remainder of the party stealths their way back up the hill to the edge of the clearing where the manor lies. Zatha reconnoitres the exterior and sees that they’ve blocked the kitchen entrance. He moves behind Kythans position and throws rocks at him to get his attention. They then try to figure out a plan with hand signals which basically boils down to “bum rush the guards.” He moves back to Massar and Barodin and lets them know the plan.

Massar Silverleaf: I’m going to die with a bunch of mouth-breathers.
Massar Silverleaf: Mom was right.
Zatha: Says the mouth breathah that can’t buy a nice paih of clothes

They move through the bush being careful to avoid the poison ivy Massar had indicated, but Barodins not so stealthy. Still the goblin guards aren’t really paying attention and really aren’t ready for the party to come charging out of the bush. They basically go all “Shock and Awe” on the goblins. Barodin charges into the goblin on the right, wailing on him with enough damage to ToP him and send him barreling off to right into the other goblin, moving that over enough so it can’t quite get to the door knob. Kythan tries to shank it and does a bit of damage. The goblin turns to hurriedly try to get the door open and Zatha backstabs him. It’s still not dead so Massar takes a shot with his shortbow, missing and then causing a chain reaction of nearly hitting almost everyone else.

The shot would have hit Zatha but he spends enough luck to avoid it.

Zatha After barreling into the goblin LIKE A BOSS, Zatha stands up and admires his handiwork, shaking his hair out like a Rock Star. Preening, he turns around to shout at Massar about how awesome he is that this plan worked, and sees an arrow coming at his face at the very last second, and is able to duck right at the very last second
Zatha: You motha SmileSmileSmile:)ah! What the hell ya tryna do!
Massar Silverleaf: I had ultimate faith in you!

Then checking the arrow would have hit Kythan! So he also has to spend Luck to avoid getting hit!

Kythan stumbles a bit as his gut catches up to his very first swing in an actual melee. The momentum pulls him out of the way just in time for an arrow to go wizzing past.
Zoula (GM): The arrow skips off the side of the stone building, it’s glory destroyed by the fickle hands of fate
Zatha: Who the fak thought bringin ah goddam rangah was a good ideah?

Eventually Barodin manages to kill the last one. Since the doorbell was gone, and the guards were unable to open the door the party is pretty sure that their presence is still a secret! They still haven’t noticed the peephole in the door, but it doesn’t matter since nobody is there anyway.

The door is unbarred this time so the quietly open it and steal into the main entrance chamber. They know that ahead behind another set of double doors is the main hall that they saw the witchdoctor in before, and that to their right is the barracks but there is also another door to the left that they are unfamiliar with.

Listening at the doors they hear some snoring from the barracks, so the halfings decide it’s time for them to go sneaking in and do some coup-de-gracing without the “clumsy big folk”.

Massar Silverleaf grumbles, “About time they did some of the work though.”

The pair of halflings sneak in and find four goblins sleeping. They quietly finish them all off (well the last one woke up but they managed to sneak attack it before it could do anything).

Kythan mutters, “It seems these goblins weren’t so lucky.”
Kythan mutters, “Better lucky than good. OOooooooohhhhhh YES.”
Massar Silverleaf: ohmigawd I was so worried about you guys are you ok??
Zatha: Foah down.
Easy peezah
Kythan whispers with breathy glee, “I STABBED A LIVE ONE IN THE FACE AND TOOK IT’S EARS FRESH.”
Massar Silverleaf blinks and smiles awkwardly.
Zatha: You are distahbed.
Massar Silverleaf: OK, great!
Zatha: Seahiouslah
Kythan nearly moans, “I’ve never felt so alive.”
Barodin Blighthwood: Now your a man Kythan

Listening at the main door into the great hall Zatha can hear talking, more like speechifying. Basically the goblin witchdoctor is in the process of explaining to his men that there are promotions to be new lieutenants available and they just need to prove themselves and all that. The party prepares to simply open the door and charge in, with Massar heading back into the kitchen and covering with missile fire from the other side. Kythan decides to do this “sans pants” for whatever reason…

Kythan removes his pants.
Zatha facepalms
Kythan grabs his dice set from his pants, and gives them a roll.
Kythan tosses the dice in his shirt with the goblin ears.

They open the doors and charge in shouting battlecries!

Barodin Blighthwood: FOR THE PRINCESS!!!!!
Kythan screams,* “LOOK. AT. MY. PECKER!!!!”
Zatha: I would, but i can’t find it!

They charge and there’s a long fight. The goblin witchdoctor dies from one of the craziest critical fumbles I’ve ever seen. One of the goblins fumbles and the result was that his nearest ally (the witchdoctor) gets hit by his attacker so Kythan rolled damage and penetrated enough to kill it in one shot! That was lucky! Truly Draper was with them. The fight goes on for a while after that but it’s much different from the one two weeks previous. This time there is prodigious use of charging and aggressive attack and ensuring they got the initial initiative. The goblins roll a fair number of fumbles and Barodin gets a severity level 24 crit on the top of a goblins head with an axe splitting it dead in one shot.

Eventually they manage to kill all the goblins without Massar or Barodin taking any more damage and Zatha mounts the stairs up the tower and finds Alimira reading in her tower prison. She seems shocked to see them.

Alimra: “Are you here to rescue me?”
Kythan says calmly, “Your husband has come to you, JUST IN TIME.”
Kythan: You were so lucky.
Barodin Blighthwood: Barodin Blighthwood makes a seduction skill check
Roll :18 Skill: 10
Kythan: What were the odds of rescue?
Pretty slim.
But fortune has smiled on you, and the odds maybe tipped in your favor.
He was lucky to have found us, you know.
But yes, we were sent by your father.
: I put my blanket on her and lead her out side and comfert her
: I want to take all the cash the dead goblins have on them
: on the sly
: starting where?
: if they all walk to look at other rooms, I’ll tak eup the back and start in the tower area moving out
: The two goblins that were guarding the tower had a total of 16cp between them
: yeah take her out side and try and take her mind off everything by telling her we are taking her back to her father then tell her how many of the goblins i killed single handedly when there all getting loot.
: after that I’ll go to the scroll room with the others
Alimra gazes at the murals in the main hall as she walks out “A shame these wretched beasts took over the home of a mighty mage.”
Alimra follows Barodin outside
(From Barodin Blighthwood): oh who was the mage?
Alimra: “I don’t know of him, but I presume Karinor given the name on the stone on the way up…”
(From Zatha): I get bored of the books and go to the “barracks” area with the 4 gobbos and take their cash

And that’s where we left off. lol


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