The Grey Borderlands

Session Twelve - The Real Revenge of The Ravens

Frandor's Keep


This session was delayed multiple times due to real-life situations, and again tonight it may have been wiser to delay again since both Aceris (Zatha) and Bilge (Massar Silverleaf) were MIA. But given the circumstances of where we left of I wanted to get it out of the way and find out if we should be prepping for a new game or if they will have made off with mad EPs. The result was somewhat surprising…

As we left of in the opening few seconds of combat, this session was pretty much purely fighting. Inside Rikars command tent Zatha and Kythan were surrounded by Raven Lieutenants, thieves and the head brigand himself. Rikar swung at Zatha but the nimble thief dodged aside seemingly with ease, and one of the Lieutenants attacked Kythan but the cleric scampered back and luckily fell backwards, avoiding being affected by a critical hit! It still did 12 damage which was nothing to laugh at.

Meanwhile outside Massar strikes a Raven Thief with enough damage to ToP him and another thief attempts to hit Barodin but critically fumbles getting blood in his eyes and dropping his weapon while Barodin gets a Perfect Defence but sadly missed with the counter-attack. Even though he missed it must have given the fighter momentum because his next attack on that same thief was a critical severity level 24 hit to his shin which finished him off!

Back inside the tent the brigand lieutenants had surrounded Zatha but he was able to keep dodging away from all their blows somehow. One of the thieves inside heads out and the other stalks Kythan, hitting him with enough damage to ToP him and then proceeds to take the next three seconds to coup de grace him. The favour of Risk only goes so far it seems…


The warriors on the ledge above the fighting fired another volley of arrows at Massar (Barodin having taken cover behind the thief he was fighting) and hit him with three arrows. His wrap of protection reduced them to mere scratches and he managed to actually intercept one with his buckler! One of the arrows flew errant and struck the Raven they were fighting, ToPing him!

Seeing the futility of his position Zatha decided to get out of Dodge and used a flee action to make for the edge of the tent (and all three opponents beside him missed him!) he then succeeded at a Feat of Agility to roll out of the tent under the flap.

(Earlier I had decided that Rikar had an “escape flap” behind his seat in case things went ugly during this confrontation so he’d be able to escape like a true recurring villain. As such the tent was pegged down all the way right where he was, so a smaller halfling was able to do the same thing a little further away)

The halfing thief sprinted away from the tent and ducked behind a stone at the edge of the ledge above Galborn’s Hostel. Rikar and one of his men worked their way out a bit slower and managed to not see him (naturally these guys don’t have observation at all). Zatha jumps down onto the roof of the Ravens Roost and runs along it trying to stay out of sight.

Rikar begins yelling for his men to find the halfling and the rest of the Lieutenants from inside the tent come out the back. Barodin and Massar having finished off the thieves move around the tent counter-clockwise to intercept the threat there (and get behind cover from the archers) but there’s a few more than anticipated.

Barodin swings his battle axe at the Raven but the brigand dodges and hits him in return for 18 damage! The fighter fails his ToP check and is incapacitated for 10 seconds! Not long enough for a coup de grace from fighters like the remaining Ravens, but two more Lieutenants and Rikar come up to him and between them they finish the cowardly fighter off taking him first to -1 and then another 18 point hit to finish him off!


As soon as he saw Barodin fall to four armed brigands Massar knew this was pretty much over so he turned and ran as fast as his elvish legs would take him. He decides to take a safer route by jumping down the ledges to the Pit Fighting arena instead of taking a long 15’ drop. This gives the archers another chance to fire a volley at him but most miss, and the only hit is totally absorbed by his armour and wrap of protection.

Massar continues running and leaves Quarrytown into the darkness of the wilderness while Zatha is hiding out, still in the quarry as he knows the humans can easily outpace him. But for now he has slipped away, even though Rikar is left howling for the rest of his Ravens to search the entire place.

So yeah. It was kind of weird. The characters of the two players that were actually present died while the characters for the players that weren’t here actually lived. Zatha only made it due to some extremely jammy defence rolls (like in the 30s).

Now to find out what the rest of the group wants to do. Use their new characters that the all rolled up (I told them the Hackmaster mantra of rolling “a character, an heir and a spare”). Or if they want to add two new characters to Zatha and Massar in the established party.

Either way there will probably be repercussions for this brazen bloodshed in Quarrytown. Will the guards from the Keep do anything? Can they do anything? What will Rikar do now that his gangs numbers have been reduced somewhat? How do the residents of Quarrytown react to his show of power?

Hopefully we’ll find out soon. From some new vantage points.



greymarch2000 greymarch2000

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