Anoz Ghanesh

Reviled Guard with a Temper


One of the most reviled characters at the Keep is Anoz Ghanesh. He is stationed at the entrance to the Upper Bailey and he hates his job. He takes out his displeasure on visitors whenever he thinks he can get away with it, and even bullies the other guards when he can.

There have already been many confrontations between Anoz and Kythan, who has been “lucky” enough to have a measure of protection from working on a job for the Earl when encountering the guard. The halfling has provoked him by repeatedly stripping and making lewd remarks, and then spreading rumours behind the guards back.

Currently Anoz’ only joy is drinking at the Broken Hilt after hours, but even that joy is dwindling as Kythan and the rest of the party are taking to drinking there more and more. He now sits and drinks in surly silence and things of the things he’ll do to the halfling as soon as he doesn’t have the Earls protection.


Anoz Ghanesh

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