Artiste in Residence at Frandor's Keep


Belipar is a painter residing in Frandor’s Keep in one of the transient apartments. He currently has a commission with the countess to produce a landscape of the Keep amidst the mountains.

He had ordered a shipment of lead in order to make white pigment for said painting which would be sure to start his career but it was stolen by a group of kobolds outside the village of Vew. The party was hired to retrieve this shipment and was successful.

So gracious was Belipar that not only did he pay them the silver he promised but made them a portrait of three of the party (Barodin Blighthwood , Kythan & Massar SilverleafZatha having decided to have nothing to do with it) which prominently displayed Kythan nude with only a banner held aloft by cherubs with the slogan “Risky Business” for taste.



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