Lord Wilamar Reyifor

The Earl of Reyifor


Lord Wilamar is the Earl of Reyifor, the earldom in which the borderlands and Frandor’s Keep are contained. Though it controls an important source of trade to P’Bpar it is still thought of somewhat as a backwater earldom and is not especially renowned at the Archduke’s court.

Seeking to increase the prospects of his house, Lord Wilamar was wed to the daughter of a wealthy merchant family in the city P’Bpar named Inala and produced a daughter Sarila. Sadly both his wife and daughter did not approve of frontier living and felt naught but disdain for his lands and spend most of their time in P’Bpar.

Upon the rebuilding of Frandor’s Keep, the earl wished to ensure that trade was still able to pass through the region so he moved to a manor house within the Keep to oversee the project, and try to bring in more and more adventurers, caravans, miners and all manner of people, much to the Keep Prefects displeasure.

Due to his wifes disposition to him and her constant absence he took a Dejy mistress and had a daughter Alimira who resided in Vew. Over the years she began to show an aptitude for magic and trained with a local mage. After it was evident she had learned all she could there he arranged to have her train in Daresido.

Sadly when she came by the Keep to thank him and and wish him goodbye she was kidnapped by a group of goblin raiders and imprisoned in Kalinar Manor to the southeast of the Keep.

The party was hired by the Earl to retrieve her which they did, gaining his respect. Though he knows that trusting a cleric of Draper may be risky (!) he is keeping his eye on the group through his steward in case they can be useful with something else.


Lord Wilamar Reyifor

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