The Grey Borderlands

Session Eight - The Ransom (Part Four)
Frandor's Keep


Huzzah! In the mean time I found out what the problem with my computer was (a SSD I had attached was sucking too much juice) so I was able to stream the entire session from last night! Mind you, it’s like 3+ hours long and I doubt anyone would want to watch that straight. But hey, just in case:

This is another session that was primarily filled with combat, but a marked difference from the last session.

After some first aid Barodin and Massar are up to 3 hit points and Kythan is totally fine. They’ve been up all day and half the night and so people are getting quite tired. Discussion begins about if it would be suicide to go back into the Manor or not, if they should leave the Earls daughter to her own fate and save their own skins. Added to this is the fact that the last session gave them enough EPs to hit level 2, but they still have to go train… Ultimately, Barodin says they must “rescue his princess”, Zatha wants the reward and loot and Kythan is always pro-Risk. Massars player wasn’t here yet so he just moped dishonourably in the darkness.

Kythan volunteers to wait hidden in one of the (delicious) berry bushes and watch the Manor while the rest go and camp somewhere. The other three head about a mile down the road and go into the bush to camp. Luckily there are no encounters for them.

From his hidden vantage point Kythan sees a group of at least six (more like nine) goblins come out of the manor and make a half-hearted look around. The goblin witchdoctor comes out and barks orders at them but eventually they all go back inside except for two that are left outside the main door as guards. After maybe ten more minutes a couple of goblins come out and set up torches near the door so the guards can see. Course in reality that just makes them kinda night-blind, but hey goblins aren’t too bright. After maybe a half-hour after that the witchdoctor comes out with a parcel and hurls it down the hill in the direction the PCs left in.

So the players don’t know, but by injuring the witchdoctor and killing his two lieutenants (and some of the breeders) they have caused something of a morale problem within the goblin camp. The rest aren’t sure that there is any ransom coming, and pretty much are just in favour of eating Alimira instead. To show he’s serious he cuts off one of her fingers and writes a note demanding double ransom and throws it outside thinking the party will probably still be scouting the area. He details the remaining goblins to throw all the bodies down into the cellar and then sends four to sleep in the barracks, two outside to guard the door, two to guard the prisoner and the rest back in the main hall with him. They remain in a state of readiness, but unfortunately (for them) this causes the active goblins to be pretty tired by the time something happens.

In the morning the remainder of the party stealths their way back up the hill to the edge of the clearing where the manor lies. Zatha reconnoitres the exterior and sees that they’ve blocked the kitchen entrance. He moves behind Kythans position and throws rocks at him to get his attention. They then try to figure out a plan with hand signals which basically boils down to “bum rush the guards.” He moves back to Massar and Barodin and lets them know the plan.

Massar Silverleaf: I’m going to die with a bunch of mouth-breathers.
Massar Silverleaf: Mom was right.
Zatha: Says the mouth breathah that can’t buy a nice paih of clothes

They move through the bush being careful to avoid the poison ivy Massar had indicated, but Barodins not so stealthy. Still the goblin guards aren’t really paying attention and really aren’t ready for the party to come charging out of the bush. They basically go all “Shock and Awe” on the goblins. Barodin charges into the goblin on the right, wailing on him with enough damage to ToP him and send him barreling off to right into the other goblin, moving that over enough so it can’t quite get to the door knob. Kythan tries to shank it and does a bit of damage. The goblin turns to hurriedly try to get the door open and Zatha backstabs him. It’s still not dead so Massar takes a shot with his shortbow, missing and then causing a chain reaction of nearly hitting almost everyone else.

The shot would have hit Zatha but he spends enough luck to avoid it.

Zatha After barreling into the goblin LIKE A BOSS, Zatha stands up and admires his handiwork, shaking his hair out like a Rock Star. Preening, he turns around to shout at Massar about how awesome he is that this plan worked, and sees an arrow coming at his face at the very last second, and is able to duck right at the very last second
Zatha: You motha SmileSmileSmile:)ah! What the hell ya tryna do!
Massar Silverleaf: I had ultimate faith in you!

Then checking the arrow would have hit Kythan! So he also has to spend Luck to avoid getting hit!

Kythan stumbles a bit as his gut catches up to his very first swing in an actual melee. The momentum pulls him out of the way just in time for an arrow to go wizzing past.
Zoula (GM): The arrow skips off the side of the stone building, it’s glory destroyed by the fickle hands of fate
Zatha: Who the fak thought bringin ah goddam rangah was a good ideah?

Eventually Barodin manages to kill the last one. Since the doorbell was gone, and the guards were unable to open the door the party is pretty sure that their presence is still a secret! They still haven’t noticed the peephole in the door, but it doesn’t matter since nobody is there anyway.

The door is unbarred this time so the quietly open it and steal into the main entrance chamber. They know that ahead behind another set of double doors is the main hall that they saw the witchdoctor in before, and that to their right is the barracks but there is also another door to the left that they are unfamiliar with.

Listening at the doors they hear some snoring from the barracks, so the halfings decide it’s time for them to go sneaking in and do some coup-de-gracing without the “clumsy big folk”.

Massar Silverleaf grumbles, “About time they did some of the work though.”

The pair of halflings sneak in and find four goblins sleeping. They quietly finish them all off (well the last one woke up but they managed to sneak attack it before it could do anything).

Kythan mutters, “It seems these goblins weren’t so lucky.”
Kythan mutters, “Better lucky than good. OOooooooohhhhhh YES.”
Massar Silverleaf: ohmigawd I was so worried about you guys are you ok??
Zatha: Foah down.
Easy peezah
Kythan whispers with breathy glee, “I STABBED A LIVE ONE IN THE FACE AND TOOK IT’S EARS FRESH.”
Massar Silverleaf blinks and smiles awkwardly.
Zatha: You are distahbed.
Massar Silverleaf: OK, great!
Zatha: Seahiouslah
Kythan nearly moans, “I’ve never felt so alive.”
Barodin Blighthwood: Now your a man Kythan

Listening at the main door into the great hall Zatha can hear talking, more like speechifying. Basically the goblin witchdoctor is in the process of explaining to his men that there are promotions to be new lieutenants available and they just need to prove themselves and all that. The party prepares to simply open the door and charge in, with Massar heading back into the kitchen and covering with missile fire from the other side. Kythan decides to do this “sans pants” for whatever reason…

Kythan removes his pants.
Zatha facepalms
Kythan grabs his dice set from his pants, and gives them a roll.
Kythan tosses the dice in his shirt with the goblin ears.

They open the doors and charge in shouting battlecries!

Barodin Blighthwood: FOR THE PRINCESS!!!!!
Kythan screams,* “LOOK. AT. MY. PECKER!!!!”
Zatha: I would, but i can’t find it!

They charge and there’s a long fight. The goblin witchdoctor dies from one of the craziest critical fumbles I’ve ever seen. One of the goblins fumbles and the result was that his nearest ally (the witchdoctor) gets hit by his attacker so Kythan rolled damage and penetrated enough to kill it in one shot! That was lucky! Truly Draper was with them. The fight goes on for a while after that but it’s much different from the one two weeks previous. This time there is prodigious use of charging and aggressive attack and ensuring they got the initial initiative. The goblins roll a fair number of fumbles and Barodin gets a severity level 24 crit on the top of a goblins head with an axe splitting it dead in one shot.

Eventually they manage to kill all the goblins without Massar or Barodin taking any more damage and Zatha mounts the stairs up the tower and finds Alimira reading in her tower prison. She seems shocked to see them.

Alimra: “Are you here to rescue me?”
Kythan says calmly, “Your husband has come to you, JUST IN TIME.”
Kythan: You were so lucky.
Barodin Blighthwood: Barodin Blighthwood makes a seduction skill check
Roll :18 Skill: 10
Kythan: What were the odds of rescue?
Pretty slim.
But fortune has smiled on you, and the odds maybe tipped in your favor.
He was lucky to have found us, you know.
But yes, we were sent by your father.
: I put my blanket on her and lead her out side and comfert her
: I want to take all the cash the dead goblins have on them
: on the sly
: starting where?
: if they all walk to look at other rooms, I’ll tak eup the back and start in the tower area moving out
: The two goblins that were guarding the tower had a total of 16cp between them
: yeah take her out side and try and take her mind off everything by telling her we are taking her back to her father then tell her how many of the goblins i killed single handedly when there all getting loot.
: after that I’ll go to the scroll room with the others
Alimra gazes at the murals in the main hall as she walks out “A shame these wretched beasts took over the home of a mighty mage.”
Alimra follows Barodin outside
(From Barodin Blighthwood): oh who was the mage?
Alimra: “I don’t know of him, but I presume Karinor given the name on the stone on the way up…”
(From Zatha): I get bored of the books and go to the “barracks” area with the 4 gobbos and take their cash

And that’s where we left off. lol

Session Seven - The Ransom (Part Three)
Frandor's Keep


I was again streaming on and this time made sure my computer was cleaned and even had a fan blowing into the box to stop it from over-heating. Sadly I was only able to broadcast for like 18min before the same thing happened and the computer reboot mid-cast. So again I said screw it and didn’t record after that. But, I do at least have the beginning:

Essentially what happened here was a bunch of smaller fights all feeding into each other starting a long protracted combat. Leaving Kythan in the kitchen the rest are policing the bodies in the hallway to the south and trying to hear if there is anything behind the door. Meanwhile the cleric of Risk opens the trapdoor, hoping to find the Earls daughter tied up down there. It’s dark so he can’t see anything; however he does hear some noise coming from the door leading outside and spies a small group of four armed goblins about to come in from the door the party broke down!

The Challenger of Fate manages to duck down into the cellar and close the ladder above him before the goblins see him. He hunkers down on the rickety wooden ladder which creaks and groans under his weight. Luckily though he is obese for a halfling it’s still less than a human so the ladder does not break. He can hear angry squeekings beneath him, but not see anything.

The rest of the party finally notices the goblin patrol come in and begins to try to engage them in the hallway to “conga-line-of-death” it, or trap them in the bedrooms one by one. Most of the goblins come charging in, but another heads to the other door that the party hasn’t checked yet to alert the Witchdoctor! Kythan and Zatha try to stop him but he’s able to open the door and alert the main hall filled with another six goblins! Kythan manages to get a sling shot off that ToPs the goblin that was alerting them while Zatha backstabs one and then they both rush back into the kitchen and start shoving furniture in front of and spiking the door with their daggers.

Meanwhile Barodin and Massar have been having decent luck fighting the other three goblins from the original patrol, but things go south when after a few tries the goblins from the main hall are unable to breach the kitchen door and decide to go the long way around. Gathering the remaining four goblins from the barracks the Witchdoctor brings three from the main hall with him to flank the party. Combat breaks out of the hallway and into the the barracks room and now the party essentially fighting ten goblins at once, spread out around the manor.

The Witchdoctor lets lose with fire magic from a wand and burns most of the party (aside from Kythan – he’s lucky) and then Barodin’s coward quirk kicks in and he runs and tries to find somewhere to hide (as the exit is blocked). He kicks his way into the locked door attached to the goblin barracks, finding it to be the goblin privy! Not to proud he closed the door behind him as best as he can and hides in the dark. I decide to let him make a new morale check every 20sec as long as he isn’t being attacked to try to collect himself. He is also down to one “1” hit point!

Zatha is getting a lot of use out of rearward strikes but a Firefinger and sweet critical hit from a goblin would have killed Massar and he starts burning Honor like a machine. The halflings say screw it and call for a retreat. Massar has to burn even more Honor to get out of combat and books it. The Witchdoctor orders the remaining goblins to pursue them as the trio run back to the kitchen and out the back. Kythan takes a few wild pot shots at pursuing goblins with his sling and then Massar starts to easily outdistance the halflings. Had I been using the fatigue rules yet, the halflings would have probably had a problem as the goblins wouldn’t have been as tired.

At this point Barodin realises the goblins have left the barracks and comes out of the shitter. He sees the only one left in the room is the goblin Witchdoctor, and 1:1 is much better odds. He charges and hits the goblin leader for a large amount of damage knocking it back ten feet. It passes it’s ToP check however and casts Springing once exiting the barracks, leaping back to the main hall. Barodin takes this as his chance to book it out the main doors to the south, quickly taking the bar off the door – and then taking a second to rip the bell attached to the rope off the wall. He opens the door and sprints outside down the hill, upon reaching the others he throws the bell at Kythan.

Miraculously the party survived this. I thought they were dead for sure. Massar and Barodin are easily able to outdistance the goblins, and the two halflings stealth into the bush and hide. Eventually the party meets up further back down the road. Barodin and Massar are at 1 hp. Massar is now Dishonorable. Zatha has spent a fair amount of luck. Kythan has taken 1hp of damage. Massar performs first aid on them as they discuss their options…

Session Six - The Ransom (Part Two)
Frandor's Keep


Not too much happened in this session due to a combination of starting a bit late, ending a bit early, having to get back into the swing of things after almost four months from the last session, and my computer deciding to reboot half-way through.

Still there was time to get further on in their quest with some time for quiet introspection. And blame to be thrown around of course.

We come back to the action with the party in the clearing with a wounded goblin prisoner that had already spilled the beans. Since the only person that could actually speak goblin was gone there was a bit of a discussion what to do with the goblin prisoner/potential guide but it was eventually decided just to kill it and harvest the ears.

They followed the overgrown trail up the hill in the direction the goblin had indicated for about two miles before coming to a waystone with the words “Karinar Manor” engraved upon it. The overgrown road they were traveling on ended at this point, but a smaller trail turned left and continued up the hill from this point.

Zatha and Kythan scouted ahead of the others and found a clearing with a dilapidated stone manor house in it. Said clearing was surrounded by thick brush including some berry bushes. A black bear was seen by the bushes and it turned to look at them, scenting them even though they were quiet.

Massar and Barodin moved up and while they had to actually point the bear out to Barodin, the two halflings continued to scout around the building finding that aside from the double door entrance there was also a single door in the back. The windows were small (too small for a halfling) and located about 8’ up so they couldn’t peek in.

Massar uses his animal empathy skills to make sure the bear doesn’t attack them (and named it Fred) and the party circles around to the back to use the rear door but upon further inspection see that it’s so weathered that it’s basically stuck in place.

They create a “human ladder” by having Zatha climb up Barodin and peek in the windows to see three goblin females cutting meat and vegetables at a table and roasting rats over a spit.

Massar espouses regrets about invading the homes of domestic creatures preparing a meal while Barodin and Zatha look at him and remark that they are evil kidnappers and most likely eat babies.

Not being too clear on the activity cycle of goblinoids the party retires to the underbrush surrounding the manor and wait for night to fall watching for lights in the windows. After some hours they see that it is lit, and doesn’t seem to go completely dark.

((The reason for this is that the goblins are expecting some kind of response from the Earl. They haven’t mobilized to full readiness yet but there are sleeping in shifts and trying to be prepared. As much as goblins can be anyway.))

Under the light of the moons the party moves up to the front doors, and after Zatha giving the all clear for traps they plan to have the thief open the door and Barodin barrel on in. Sadly the door is barred from the inside so they can’t open it quietly. They remark that there is a hanging rope just outside the door as well…

Thus begins a great debate on what to do, where to go and whether to pull the rope that I shall just put here:

Long story short, they rang the doorbell and then booked it. Eashla commented that he was sad they didn’t leave a bag of poop on fire. After psyching Barodin up he smashes his way through the held door only to find… another door! There’s just a small “mud room” entrance leading to it. This door of is in much better shape due to not being exposed to the elements.

Zatha takes some time (90sec) to pick the lock and then they’re in!

((During the 2min or so since they rang the bell the goblins were obviously alerted that something is up so they took the time to arm themselves and put on their armour and all that. Plus a small detachment went out the front door to look around. One of the goblin lieutenants should have gone out with them, but they were both kinda busy…))

Entering the foul smelling goblin kitchen the three goblin breeders screamed and tried to flee. Zatha and Massar made short work of two of them while Barodin ran after one that fled down a hall to the south knocking on doors.

Before it can be dispatched a door in the hall opens and a burly male goblin in armour comes out between Massar and Barodin. Kythan takes the time to check the kitchen, including opening the trapdoor therin to call to see if anyone is being held down there.

Massar gets a crit on the goblin lieutenant and ToPs it. Zatha moves into coup de grace position. And they note that there is a naked goblin female in the room the bigger goblin came out of. Massar is mortified that they have caused a domestic disturbance.

To make a long story short, Barodin finishes off the runner and opens the other door in the hall to find another two goblins, um, engaged in the bed. Another fight breaks out but the two gobbos are taken out.

Massar wants nothing to do with executing the female non-combatants, but Zatha and Barodin have no compunctions against it. Kythan starts harvesting ears back in the kitchen and that’s where we left off.

They have entered into the Manor and simultaneously alerted the goblins that they’re there, but not exactly where they are…

Session Five - The Ransom
Frandor's Keep


This was a short session since Ace was under the weather and had to bail part way through. The rest of the group decided to finish the scene we were on and then pause to next session. I saw Selphius switch to the LoL channel on Mumble so fast after that it gave me whiplash Tongue

There’s a bit of pondering what to do but to make a long story short the group gets into their grubbies and heads up to the gate to the Upper Bailey. The guard Anoz is there again and wants to cause trouble but this time they have a writ from the Earl himself.

Kythan is preparing to make a spectacle out of himself, stretching in order to limber up but everyone else basically convinces him to enter without incident. Zatha does manage to pick Anoz’s pocket as he passes.

For most this is the first time they’ve been in the Upper Bailey. It’s filled with drilling soldiers, guards, and all manner of people going about their daily business.

The Earls mansion stands out as being the only building with accents and a non-utilitarian appearance. They make their way over (being discreetly followed by a guard) and are met by the Earls servant who gives them their instructions and stashes their sacks filled with their equipment.

And thus begins a long day of walking around the bailey in the Earls new, uncomfortable shoes. It is tedious, mind-numbing work that they can’t even figure how anyone would ever stoop so low as to do this.

Eventually after an hour or so, two women leave the mansion saying they won’t be back until supper. After they leave the Earl emerges and tells the party they can take a break, and hopefully the contact will be here soon.

Just as he says this a man in plain breeches and tunic approaches, being escorted by a guard. The Earl dismisses the guard and tells the party to get back to “work”.

The man tells the Earl that the goblins expect a sum of 500 silver coins for the return of his daughter, and not making her existence public. He’ll be back in three days for it.

The Earl exclaims it may take him longer than that to amass that much money but the man seems to doubt that looking at the party “Perhaps if the Earl doesn’t have that kind of money he shouldn’t be paying people to break in his shoes!”

The man repeats “Three days!” and leaves. After which the Earl looks to the party and entreats them to bring his daughter home safely.

So naturally the party decides to barrel after him immediately. Massar and Kythan sneak after him while Barodin and Zatha trail behind. They spot him entering the Broken Hilt tavern.

Before any real plan can be made Barodin enters the tavern and bellies to the bar, watching the man. The subject heads upstairs, and then after a few minutes comes back down now decked out in adventuring gear (leather armour, backpack, etc). He sits at the bar beside Barodin and nods, getting a drink of his own.

The man spies a game of cards being played in the corner and goes and joins in. Barodin finishes his drink and heads out telling the group what’s going on. Hearing there’s a game of cards Kythan decides to go in too. Still wearing the rags mind you.

Meanwhile Zatha tries to sell the “Earls” boots they were breaking in but is unsatisfied with the offer.

Kythan gets in on the card game, saying he’s down on his luck but he senses it’s about to change.

Kythan: Lady luck hasn’t always been kind to me.

Kythan pauses to look at his rags.
Kythan: But I’m feeling it tonight.
Ohhhh yes
My luck is about to turn.
Good fortune.
Just a few games.
And I’ll have my silver.
Kythan: All in due time.
Oh no, no. Just trades is fine. I can feel it tonight. Silver is on it’s way, eventually.
That he does!
Good man
Let’s get down to business.
Kythan makes a Gambling (Wis,Cha) skill check
Roll :14 Skill: 23

He ends up winning a few copper and eyes that one of the players is an ‘easy mark’. He notes that for later, but the man they were following bows out after about an hour saying he has somewhere to be and heads out the door. Kythan excuses himself afterwards and follows.

Following the man doesn’t prove to be that difficult, he appears distracted (thinking about said easy mark at the bar) and the party follows him out of the Keep and south down the Old Has Road.

After about an hour of travel they see him turn onto a small trail into the forest proper. They take a few minutes to double check there’s no ambushes and then follow along the trail.

About 15 min or so of following the trail they can hear shouting up ahead in a strange language. They sneak up until the path comes to a clearing where they see the man arguing with two goblins!

Whatever they’re arguing about seems to be getting heated and one of the goblins swings his short sword at the man! Ermagerd initiative!

In brief, while the goblins are distracted by the man Massar charges one from behind (and somehow misses), Kythan makes the worst shot ever with his sling getting a “0” to hit, and then Zatha backstabs the crap out of one of them, who fails his threshold of pain check and fails to the ground wailing.

Eventually Barodin goes and he charges into the other one blowing its shield apart completely. Then Massar strikes it down with his shortsword, causing it too also fall in pain.

They subdue the goblins and tie them up (notably nobody wanted to make a Rope Use check so really the goblins probably could have gotten out at any time – but they aren’t exactly bright) and talk to the human.

His name is Jish and he keeps repeating that he had nothing to do with the kidnapping. He was just a middleman and these goblins were supposed to pay him 10 silver to deliver the message.

When they inquire why he’d work with goblins he mentioned they ambushed him on this road and he managed to talk them out of killing him since he can speak goblin. Since he can go places they can’t, buy supplies ect ect…

He gives them some sass at first but Barodin intimidates the crap out of him (opposed roll of 162 vs 24!)

Jish: I would never sass a slayer such as you
Barodin Blighthwood: that sounds like sass

Kythan: In a way, you’re lucky we saved you.
VERY lucky.
Now you’re lucky my friend here has shown you patience.
He’s got a quick temper.
And I just like to watch him work.
I’d suggest you play nice.
Jish: “I don’t want no trouble!”

Massar liberates Jishs longsword and gives him his old shortsword in compensation. They ask him to translate to the goblins and ask where the “Princess” is. And then we hear about Barodins princess-rescuing daydreams.

The gobbos don’t want to say anything so Barodin chops off on of their heads and holds it over the other one showering it in blood and does another Intimidate check.

Now as a goblin would stab his own mother in the back for a second bowl of stew this one squeals like a pig. They’re holed up in a manor house about 3 miles away from here, there’s an old trail that leads to it.

Kythan also makes him ask the goblin if it thinks he’s attractive. Doing a little dance and everything causing his pants to fall (of course).

Kythan: What if we want to negotiate? Or ask this dead goblin walking more questions? What if I need to take a piss?
Sometimes it’s a bit hard to find.
Over the gut.
Could use a bit of rootin’ around.
Jish: Aye. Thank all the gawds up the sky for their mercy
Kythan: You were just lucky is all.
Kythan winks.
Kythan: Does he think I’m sexy?
Barodin Blighthwood: no one thinks your sexy get over it
Kythan struts.
Kythan gives the hip swiggle.
Kythan does the coy look, pinky touching his mouth with a small smile.
Massar Silverleaf covers his hand with his face.
Kythan begins doing yoga.

((The goblins reaction:

Kythan sighs and pulls up his pants.

Once that is done Jish asks if he can go. When they ask where he’s going he says he’s not sure, maybe Has. Massar informs him that there are children missing in Has. They’ll let him go on the condition that he try to help the townsfolk there and become a big hero like them.

He readily agrees and buggers off.

Jish: “Yes. Thanks you for not doing anything rash.”
Kythan waits for him to leave.
Kythan: I think that went well. We do leave such a good impression!
Kythan seems genuinely happy with how that went.
Kythan: Can I kill the goblin?
He didn’t think I was sexy.
Massar Silverleaf is glowing. We conscripted him to do a good deed in Haas!
Barodin Blighthwood pats Kythan on the head

Session Four - Night of the Leechmen
Frandor's Keep


So it seems that Barodin was with them the whole time! Wink (Now that Eashla was back for the session)
He had been guarding the main gates but got scared in the dark by himself (Coward quirk) so came inside with the others just as they began formulating the plan.

The "Plan"TM that is made is that they are going to sneak and hide outside of the window that the leechmen came in from (assuming that will be their egress point as well) and wait to ambush them one by one as they leave. Barodin will be stationed at the opposite window in case they try to flee out that way.

After waiting a few hours it seems the leechmen are ready to head out. The first one starts to crawl out the window all fat and sassy with horse blood, not really paying too much attention to what was going on.

Kythan whirls his sling and hits it in the face doing 11 damage! It fails its trauma check by a horrendous degree and falls out of the window and is discombobulated for 55 seconds!

The next one hasn’t noticed anything and pokes its head out and Massar shoots it with his bow, the arrow doing 10 damage and taking it out of combat for 45 seconds!

The third one comes out, now starting to think that something is going on but not being observant to note Zatha hiding beside the window. The tall halfling hits it with a sneak attack in the back for 16 damage killing it outright and pulling its twitching carcass outside.

At this point the remaining leechmen have figured out what’s going on and start to panic inside. They turn around and head to the other window.

I kind of messed up with selecting different leechmen each second on the turn tracker so a few of them forgot to move. I just attribute that to them being scared.

A leechman jumps out of the far window and Barodin swings his axe at it, but the lithe creature easily dodges aside and then tries to claw the human fighter, missing its attacks as well.

Zatha gets a regular attack on a leechman that tried to be fancy and fake-out going out the original window and even though he wasn’t backstabbing he rolled significant penetration on his dagger and did 13 damage killing it instantly!

Since Barodin is busy fighting one of the creatures the rest of them pretty much bypass him and make a break for it on their wee legs. Kythan and Massar round the stable and fire at the retreating creatures, mostly missing but getting in a few good hits.

Eventually Barodin hits his agile opponent splatting it into the ground. He then tears off across the paddock to the ones climbing up the gate to escape. Four of the creatures make it over the gate and escape into the darkness of the night, but the last one is still climbing when Barodins charge catches up.

All these small creatures and halflings sometimes I forget how fast a human can actually move around the battlefield. He charged and with an underwing hits the leechman for 11 damage knocking it up into the air. Since the charge doubled his knockback it basically flies like 10’ in the air and then takes its last 1 hp of damage from the fall back to the ground.

Zatha goes to “check the stables” and pockets a few sundry items while Massar ties up the surviving leechmen as the others watch his knotwork. There is some discussion on what to do with the creatures if they can sell them to Jiric Helsan, use them to lead them to their lair, or what.

Either way the creatures are knocked unconscious by Barodin and Kythan goes to wake the stablemaster Officer Markin Binsaro.

Zatha: So…what’ah these wahth to yah?
We sahved yah hahses.
Massar Silverleaf: I communed with the animals, they were in dire straights. We arrived just in time.
Zatha: Isn’t cahmunin done at chach?
Massar Silverleaf: The wilderness is my church!
Kythan: It depends on the church.
Kythan winks.

Kythan: Say, good sir.
You’re mightly lucky that we were here.
Lucky indeed.
Markin Binsaro eyes the halfling “Aye it may have been good luck indeed I suppose.”
Kythan: What a coincidence. A lucky coincidence. Are you a gambling man, Markin?
Zatha: Also, do you happen to know our mutual friend, Jihick Helsin?
Kythan: We just happened to be speaking with him.
Zatha: e’s a nice guy.
Markin Binsaro bristles at the name Jiric “I would not call that man my friend. His sort is unsavory and I wish to have as little to do with him as possible.”

They do some observation rolls to see that Markin does not like Jiric, but note that he really seems more annoyed by Kythan calling him by his first name than anything else.

((Even if he has come to a “business arrangement” with Jiric doesn’t mean he likes the man any))

Kythan smiles.
Massar Silverleaf: What sort is he, sir?
Kythan: Well, good sir Stablemaster, we will not trouble you with those details. We are contemplating using these fellows here to help us find the rest of them.
Markin Binsaro: “He is a mercenary and merchant to bloodsports. Hardly an honorable profession. But one does what one must I suppose.”
Markin Binsaro perks at Kythan “Rest of them?”
Kythan: Well, assuming there are more.
Then these should lead us to their home.
Just to be sure we’ve done a proper and thorough job you see.

Massar Silverleaf nods sagely, “Like cockroaches im sure, where there’s one there’s a hundred.”
Kythan: You’ve been very lucky.
VERY lucky to have met a group such as us.
Zatha: Raght. Raght. Now, you wah gonna pay us fah this?
Kythan: Who take our deals with such seriousness.
Markin Binsaro rubs his face and looks at the Leechman corpses “Well, job may not be quite complete yet but seems you’ve done your work.”
Zatha: Like they’ah gonna come back aftah the whoopin we put on’em
Markin Binsaro: “Quite.”
Kythan: Good sir Stablemaster, that indeed sounds quite fine.
Perhaps you’d care to wager our pay on a few exciting games of chance.
Markin Binsaro sniffs at Kythan. “I think not. Good night.”
Kythan: Your loss.
Kythan winks at him.
Barodin: He’s an officer, he’s not going to gamble with the likes of you
Kythan: Officers gamble with the lives of their men.
Why would coin be any different?
((In Mumbles: “OH SNAP”))
Massar Silverleaf mumbles on his breath, rolling his eyes. “Because some of us are worth more than a few coin”
Kythan smiles and pats Barodin on the back amicably.

Lt Binsaro pays them their 10s and then offers an additional 5s to finish the job.

After discussion they realize that if they wanted to sell the surviving leechmen to Jiric they’d have to nurse them back to health and then it would only be 2sp each vs 1sp each at the Bountymaster. So they saw screw that and execute one of them and decide to use the other to help them find their lair if tracking fails.

Luckily for the party though they manage to track the leechmen back to their lair. So they end up not really needing the captive anymore…

Leech Man:HISSSS
Massar Silverleaf: Sorry LeechBro

The leechmen have been tracked back into a thicket about a mile away from the palisade. It seems they’ve made a hollow in the brush. The party decides to wait until daylight since it’s hard to sneak up on creatures with a burning torch (which Barodin continues to be the only one that brings one).

Once the sun rises the halfling/elf sneak squad sneaks up to the lair (which the module makes quite clear that only “a group consisting of only elves and halflings could reach unnoticed” – sigh). They find the remaining 4 leechmen sleeping it off and basically just sneak up and coup de grace them (Zatha doing 2, the others 1 each).

They collect the heads (since the leechment don’t really have ears) and return to the palisade and get their remaining pay from the stablemaster.

Zatha: They wah in a briah.
Markin Binsaro: “Yes quite.”
Kythan: And thank you, good sir Stablemaster, for your upright public service.
Kythan winks at his friends when the stablemaster isn’t paying attention.
Massar Silverleaf narrows his eyes at Kythan.
Markin Binsaro: “If you’re ever caught outside the gates at night you can always stay in the stables gentlrmen.”
Markin Binsaro nods at you all one more time and heads off to see to his duties.
Massar Silverleaf shakes his hand heartily, “That is very kind of you, sir, and I am sure to take advantage of it.”

Quest complete!

Since it’s early morning when the party returns to the Keep the area outside the gates is bustling with activity. Hawkers selling trinkets, people offering services as guides/torchbearers/whatever, beggars and pickpockets.

Massar questions a beggar about where the best place to find some “luvin” for the night but refuses to pay him anything. Eventually the man asks for a blessing from his “elvish magic” and the ranger sorta just wiggles his fingers at him.

Zoula (GM): “Ahhhh the gifts of the eldar!”
Massar Silverleaf winks at him, “Longevity unto thee!”

The panhandler tells him that in the Keep he can buy the services of a “bedwarmer” at the Broken Hilt, or if we wanted he could visit the Den of Delight in Quarrytown. When asked which is cheaper the old man says the Den and gives him a laughing wink.

Massar seems to think that visiting whores at a place called the “Broken Hilt” would be a bad idea, he has no wish to break his off at the hilt. Wink

The rest of the party pulls him along into the Keep and they head to the Bounty Masters office and slam a pile of leechmen heads on the counter. And thus begins the delicate dance of haggling between multiple characters with the Greedy quirk.

Zatha: Came tah cahllect Kip!
Kiparus Belan eyes the heads “Quite the haul?”
Zatha: Excitin night at tha stables.
Massar Silverleaf leans over the counter and plops his heads down on it. leaning in close and whispering, “Y’know what we just did? Saved the entire stables. And the Garrison. And the smithy.”
Kiparus Belan: “What are these things?”
Zatha: Some leech thing? You wanted eahs, but they dun’t have nune.
Kiparus Belan: “Sadly the bounty is quite specifically for monster ears.”
“Tell you what though”
Massar Silverleaf groans, “Kip you cheatin’ us.”
Kythan: We can cut the sides off of their heads.
If you’d like.
Kiparus Belan: “How about I give ya 2 trade coins each?”
Kythan: Sides of the heads it is.
Kiparus Belan: “No need to be like that.”
Kythan: Ths’ll take just a second.
Zatha: Whoa. 2 trade coins vuhsus 2 silvah?
Kythan sits down and starts carving into a head to make ear like trophies from them.
Massar Silverleaf shies away from the grisly work.
Kiparus Belan: “Now that aint right”
(From Barodin Blighthwood): dose he look like a man that can be intimitated?
Kythan: Oh?
A bit too small, eh?
I’ll try again.
Massar Silverleaf: Sorry, he’s a little….touched.
(To Barodin Blighthwood): you can try, but there’s a lot of guards around
Zatha: We can take him outta heah if you pay us what weah owed.
Kythan starts cutting a larger trophy from the other side.
Zatha: I tell yah what, we’ll even just take 1 silvah fah each.
Kiparus Belan: “Okay fine, 5 copper each.”
Zatha rolls his eyes
Massar Silverleaf: We saved the whole. Stables. and the garrison.
(From Barodin Blighthwood): dose he himeself look tough?
Massar Silverleaf: We’re saviors!
Unsung heroes
(But not for long)
(To Barodin Blighthwood): no
Massar Silverleaf: Did you hear we also saved the town of Vew?
Zatha: Weah givin yah oah trahphies heah!
Kiparus Belan: “I don’t know what you’re trying to prove there buddy”
Kythan: Hmmm, still no good? Well, practice makes perfect!
They’ve got ear holes.
Maybe if I just cut those out…
Zatha: I tell yah what, yah get us the 1 silvah pah, and we’ll take the fat man cahvin the head outta heah
Kythan smiles happily as he carves.
Kiparus Belan: “Okay look. I’ll pay ya the 1 silver per head for now. But in the future it’s ears. 1 silver per pair of ears. Got it? This will give me more paperwork.”
Kythan: Oh! Thank you good sir!
Kythan gives him a gory handshake.
Kiparus Belan mumbles to himself “What am I supposed to do with a bunch of leech heads”
Kythan: You won’t regret this!
Zatha: Thanks Kip. Weah sahah about thah papahwahk. No one like tha shit.
Next time we help yah out moah.
Kiparus Belan grudingly slides ten silver coins across the counter
Zatha: Speakin of, anythin we can help yah with now?
Kythan: Oh
We should buy cake.
I’m wasting away!!
Zatha: Fack you and yah stomach.
Kiparus Belan writes your names and the record of this bounty into his ledger and then begins heating a branding iron
Kiparus Belan: “Nothin new. Still no word on Vespin Tower is all.”

The party leaves the Bounty Masters grumbling about how their loot is still not divisible by 4. It’s decided that for the rest of the day Kythan, Massar and Barodin are going to go pose for their painting with Belipar while Zatha goes and “shops” around the keep since he wants nothing to do with that.

Zatha starts off by heading to Dasas’ Goods to hock the items he found in the stables and buy some other gear.

Dasas: “Welcome to Dasas’ Goods where we have Crazy Low Prices!”
Zatha: I have a few things fah yah!
Found them out adventuahin
Yah know, we killed some nasty keychas last night.
Dasas: I can give you 5 copper for the whip and another 15 copper for the leather repair kit, it seems to be partly used.
Zatha: Any discount for thah heahos?
Dasas: “My most gracious sir, even at this price I am hard-pressed to make a small profit. I can merely hope that I might find a buyer some day, while in the interim you have the assurance of my silver in your pocket.”
Zatha: I have no wish tah cheat yah. How about we settle on that price, and I get anutha grapplin hook for 4s this time?
Dasas: “I will give a hero such as you 2 silver and 6 copper.”
“Oh another grappling hook, I am unsure if I have another allow me too look.”

Meanwhile the party is discussing where this painting of them should be set. Belipar laments that he found a grand vantage point for a painting while in Quarrytown but some ruffians accused him of spying and tossed him in the Brack Water.

Barodin Blighthwood: Are you spying for the prefect?
Belipar: "What? No!:
Barodin Blighthwood: don’t lie….
Belipar: “What possible intelligence could I provide with an exceptional oil painting??”
Barodin Blighthwood: A picture speaks a thousand words
Belipar: “I never thought of it like that.”
Kythan: ((something about how this portrait should be a nude))
Belipar: “A nude… ah… um… well this is to commemorate your entire adventuring group is it not? Do you.. ah… think that is proper?”
Kythan: Of course!
It only serves to highlight our heroic nature.
Barodin Blighthwood: it’s not keep your bloody pants on
Kythan: We are all naked before the trails of our lives.
Massar Silverleaf scoffs, “Pay him no mind, he was dropped as a child. If you can’t tell”
Barodin Blighthwood: Oh and see now Belipar how you could be a great spy
Kythan: I do not need this petty armor! Let the people see me as me!
Kythan begins to lift his shirt.
Kythan: Surely you can appreciate the raw, naked beauty of us all!
A man with your intelligence!
Your skill!
Belipar: “It is true the brush of the artiste can bring out the true beauty from beyond a corpid shell.”
Kythan: Would it not be a disservice to paint us any other way?
Belipar does ART
(From Barodin Blighthwood): during our off hours I drunkly spread rummors that Belipar is a spy.

Zatha spends the rest of the day picking pockets out at the landing outside the gate. The rest eventually agree that Kythan can be nude while they remain clothed. I am envisioning one of those painting where delicate ribbons held aloft by cherubs are oscuring any horrid details.

Mental Note: commission an actual painting of this.

The next morning most of the party wakes up in their rooms (or common room) of Three Leaves to the Wind (except Massar who has taken to sleeping in the stables for free – but who comes back into the Keep for breakfast) and are eating their morning meal when a MYSTERIOUS STRANGER comes in and identifies them from a piece of parchment he’s carrying.

He asks if he can join them, and then explains that he works for a patron that has heard of their exploits and wishes to hire them for a job. It is of a delicate and secretive nature however and his patron can’t afford to be seen publicly.

If the party wishes to hear them out about the job they can meet his patron at the Cobblers Corner to hear the details. And even if they decide not to take the job they are still guaranteed a new pair of boots.

Zatha: We ah as trustwahthy as yah coin.
Kythan: Today is your lucky day.
Barodin Blighthwood: yeah sure i need new boots
Kythan: As chance would have it, this is exactly our type of work. Ooooohhhh yes.
Zatha: I’m in.
Kythan: Are you a gambling man?
Barodin Blighthwood: Sounds good.
Kythan: I feel like we would get along famously.
I’m in.

They agree to meet their new patron just after noon, so Zatha returns to working the landing and the rest go to pose for their painting in the morning. At the agreed upon time they meet up at the Cobblers.

The man they met at the Inn is there with the proprietor who he calls brother and asks to close the store. Then out from the shadows comes an EVEN MORE MYSTERIOUS CLOAKED STRANGER who fills them in on the details.

He explains that he is a man of means and import that lives a public life and has a wife and daughter whom he loathes. He does however, also have an illegitimate daughter that he loves and who he has been secretly supporting.

She was on her way to Daresido to attend a Mage academy when it seems she was kidnapped by goblins. He received a letter detailing such and that they were holding her for ransom. Which is a bit odd since usually goblins would just eat prisoners.

Either way they are sending someone to give him their demands later in the day and he wants the party to pose as labourers breaking in new shoes for him (which was something that actually happened back in the day) at his estate in the Upper Bailey and then follow the kidnapper back to his base and rescue his daughter!

If they do this they will each be paid 50 silver coins. Which is pretty mad money compared to what they’ve been making so far.

He gives them a letter that gives them permission to enter the Upper Bailey today as well as some bags of grubby clothing to aid them posing as peasants.

Zatha sighs
Zatha: I’m going to look so shabby.
(From Barodin Blighthwood): this is so fucking a trap

Session Three
Frandor's Keep


Starting the next morning after getting their rooms the party awakens to a breakfast of broth and a hard roll with some bark tea. Except for Barodin who is sleeping it off from the night before.

Our erstwhile heroes are discussing what their plans are going to be and while Zatha and Kythan appear to be wishing to begin a crime spree, Massar wants to take the letter to the Earl and hopefully get an easy reward out of it.

So after finishing their meager meal they head out into the busy morning of daily life amidst the populace of Frandor’s Keep. The “streets” within the Keep are fairly busy with guards heading to and fro as well as various merchants and denizens of Keep, including visitors just passing through the area.

Asking around they find that the Earl (not the Duke, not the “Duke of Earl” that they keep accidentally saying) resides in the Upper Bailey and that access is restricted. Being bold adventurers they scoff at this and head up there.

Arriving at the entrance to the Upper Bailey they encounter the scourge of the Keep, the guard Anoz Ganesh who has a real chip on his shoulder and likes to take it out on any innocent bystanders. Sadly the PCs are unaware of this and proceed to set him off.

He doesn’t believe them that they have a latter for the Earl and suggests instead that they are spies. Showing him the Vasano signet ring that accompanied the letter doesn’t help as he doesn’t recognize the name. In fact he calls reinforcements to search them after Zatha gives him a bit of lip.

Once he says that they will be search Kythan “helpfully” aids them by shucking off his pants and doing hip-thrusts at them.

Bilge takes a few steps back.
Zatha ‘s eyes bug out. "Holy fuck. We’re screwed"
Kythan gives the old hip swiggle.

So Kythan is arrested for causing a public spectacle, indecent exposure, being a halfing, whatever Anoz can think of. A bunch of guards grab him, pull his pants back up and march him up into the Upper Bailey for judgment while the rest of the party quietly sneaks off.

It should be noted that in doing so, Selphius was the only one to make it up there which was their goal in the first place. [[Mental Note: Give Honor]]

Kythan is marched through the Upper Bailey which is mostly a large empty field where soldiers are performing drills ringing with a few buildings like a fortress, a mansion (where the Earl lives), a bathhouse, a jewelers and a Temple to The True which is where he is being taken.

Entering the hallowed halls of The Courts of Justice the guards dump Kythan there and tell the priest Arbitrator Parato Romili what he was accused of. The Arbitartor thanks them and asks them to leave.

Once alone (well plus a few acolytes in the temple) Parato questions Kythan about what happened and also shares that the guards often waste his time with petty trumped up things like this due to boredom and frankly he’s getting tired of it.

He fines Kythan one silver piece for public nudity and warns him to be careful. He knows that the halfling is a cleric of Risk and he will be keeping his eye on him. And any trouble around the Keep and they’ll be looking for him first.

Kythan acknowledges this and then tells the Arbitrator about the scroll to the Earl that they were attempting to deliver. The cleric of The True isn’t familiar with the family name Vasano either but he suggests that if it looks legitimate he can deliver the letter to the Earl.

He escorts Kythan back out to the Middle Bailey and to the Three Leaves to the Wind where the rest of the party retreated after the encounter at the gates.

They show him the scroll and Parato says he’ll take this to the Earl but he can’t promise anything for the people of Has, there have been problems with missing patrols and not enough men around the Keep area itself.

When asked about getting a reward the Arbitrator again says that he can’t promise them anything but if the Earl decides to give them one he’ll let them know. He at least pays for some drinks.

So dejected by their lack of actually making any money off of all of that the party again goes back to discussing what to do. Either way they’ll be shacked up for a while due to needing to heal. They ask the bartender if there are any healers better than Massar and he tells them there are two clerics of The Caregiver residing in the Keep, one of which has set up a shrine.

They decide to first swing by the Bounty Masters building and find out that he has an outstanding bounty on humanoid ears: 1sp/pair. After some cajoling he mentions that the Earl is offering a reward for information on what happened out at Vespin Tower and he also heard the Stablemaster is offering some kind of reward.

Eventually arriving at the shrine to The Caregiver they meet the claric Balan Kasar, a jolly man that just wants to help people. He happily casts come cure spells on them and even informs them that he can cure Kythan’s sprain if they can wait for him to memorize the correct prayer tomorrow.

Massar and Barodin (once roused from the inn) basically make camp in the shrine under Balans expert care so they’ll heal their wounds in just a few days now.

This leaves Kythan and Zatha to their own devices for a few days. So now it’s apparently all Ocean’s Eleven time. They spend some time at the Broken Hilt tavern which is a bit of a seedier organization that the Inn that they’ve been staying at. In fact they only rent rooms by the hour.

But a lot of bounty hunters, guards and other “rough” folk spend time here too. They do find out that a man named Jiric Halsen is offering a much better bounty than the Bounty Master does. Except that the bounty he offers is only for live creatures. But he does offer quite a bit.

Therefore, deduce the two halflings, he must have some fat stacks wherever he resides. Following him around they find to their chagrin that his residence is a converted tinsmith shop that is located right in front of the gates to the Upper Bailey, right in front of that guard Anoz!

Cursing their luck they decide that climbing to the roof and then down the unused old smithing chimney would be a better plan. But then note that between the two of them they have basically no climbing ability.

Ace: What are you good for?
Selphius: I can pick locks and stuff!

They head to Dasas’ Fine Goods and buy a grappling hook from the Svimozian shopkeeper. It is at this point that they discover that not only do they not have any climbing skill, but they don’t have any Rope Use to tie the rope to the grappling hook!

Remembering that Massar is a ranger they head back to the shrine where he has been freeloading and ask him to tie it. Though they don’t want to tell him why. He says they should pay him for it but they balk at that. There is some negotiation but eventually he agrees to tie it for them.

Okay, in full disclosure now Massar has a 26% in Rope Use to he should actually be able to tie a basic knot automatically. But I messed up and said that he needed to make an average check (ie under 66) and he rolled a 90.

So the plan was that Kythan would distract Jiric in the bar while Zatha burgled the house. The first part of the plan worked and Kythan started talking to the man about bounties and kept his attention, and came to understand he wasn’t the most savory sort…

Meanwhile Zatha sneaks into the alley between the house and the tailors (at was evening at this point. He skillfully throws the grappling hook up and it catches! As soon as he tries to climb up however the knots unties and the rope drops down, followed by the hook itself landing on his head for 1 damage.

Cursing to himself about elven ropecraft Zatha tries to tie it himself and also horribly fails. He throws the hook up again and again when he tries to use the rope it unties and falls down. This time the hook is lodged up there though.

Again some halfling/Boston cursing and he says screw it and tries to climb the wall on his own without the aid of the rope. He fails this and gets partway up, falling down and taking 3 more damage. This is the most damaged Zatha has been all campaign thus far.

He returns to the pub and sits down. Kythan goes over to see how it went and then suggests maybe they can pick pocket the key, but Zatha says he doesn’t care anymore and sulks, and then heads to the shrine for some healing.

So a few days have passed now and the party is right back to where they started.

They learned a bit about Vespin Tower, apparently the patrol that was supposed to go there had ditched and gone to Vew for R&R, only the one they were supposed to relieve never made it back to the keep. Even though it’s not far off the party is loathe to travel with slow-ass halfings.

So they decide to check what the Stablemasters problem is. Turns out that for the past few weeks the horses in his care (namely those that the soldiers of the Keep use for patrols) have been getting sluggish and sickly. Some of the stableboys have seen strange marks on them. And just yesterday one was found dead.

They examine the body and Massars first aid skill allows him to tell that yes, it is indeed a dead horse. The Stablemaster points out that it was drained of blood. This sparks some discussion of horse vampires.

Looking for witnesses they find a guard that saw some small figure dashing into the pallisade one night, but upon a further look they never saw anything.

The party decides to set up a stake-out overnight and watch the paddock and stables, there is a whole 10 silver reward!

The night passes calmly, Massar is out by one of the fences, Kythan inside the stable itself hiding in some hay and Zatha on the roof.

The only one to notice anything is Kythan. He spots movement as a number of small figures silently maneuver in a window and move on the sleeping horses. They are spindly creatures about the same height as him but with long claws and a circular sucker mouth.

They’re attaching themselves to one of the horses and he makes a stealthily if not graceful exit out of the opposite side window and gets the attention of the others and tells them what they say.

Climbing back into the stables through the window the party prepares to do battle with 10 leechmen!

Session Two
White Pallet, Ivory Horns


The party loots the cave and the remains of the kobolds finding some sundries such as pewter plates, seeds, a dress, mining pick and a brass candle holder in addition the the pile of urine-scented lead. Some copper coins are found on the kobolds themselves and there are accusations of Kythan trying to pocket coins.

As it’s getting late they decide to vacate the cave, but there is no time to return to Vew so they instead head back to the Widows cottage for the night. They arrive to find the cottage dark but decide to just use the shed in the back. In the morning the widow is surprised to see them but they explain that they killed the kobold gang for which she is thankful.

They head out to the wagon and pull it out of the mud and load it down with everything. Everything is slowed down somewhat due to Kythan’s hamstring injury. He was slow to start with and now… It basically takes them most of the day to push the cart back to town even though it’s only a few hours walk normally.

Reaching the walls around Vew they are let in after some bored questions by a guard milling around the entrance. Zatha and Kythan sell the goods they took from the kobolds, Massar heads to rest while Barodin starts telling tall tales about their great exploits against the kobolds at the Inn and basically gets hammered.

For their valour, townsfolk buy them rounds of ale all night and the innkeeper offers a free room. After much merrymaking Belipar shows up and praises the party and asks for his lead.

After asking for their pay Belipar admits that he doesn’t have the money on him due to the Ravens preying on the travelers on the road. His money is all back at Frandor’s Keep. At this Barodin gets up and wobbles over and attempts to punch Belipar right in the face but misses horribly and falls over on the floor passing out.

Zatha says they’ll wait for him to go get his money and come back, but Belipar explains the Keep is many days away so it will take a while. They decide they’ll go to the Keep with him when the next caravan of furloughed soldiers returns therein 4 days.

Overhearing them talking about Frandor’s Keep a trapper approaches the group and asks if they’re heading that way if they can do something for him. Seems he encountered a man out in the woods that had been mauled by a bear. This man was heading to the Keep to beseech the Earl to send soldiers to Has s children have been going missing.

The trapper had promised the man before he died that he’d get his message to the Keep, but if the party is going that way maybe they could do it? He gives them a scrollcase with a note and a signet ring with a stylized V on it.

So the party spends the next few days resting in the Inn under Massar’s medical treatment (well, as much as a First Aid of 32% gets you). Some gambling and pick-pocketing also occurs.

Eventually it’s time to go. The traveling group is ten soldiers from the Keep that were on leave in Vew, heading back to their posts, the party and Belipar. The soldiers inform the group that they will be moving quick in order to make it to a Waystation each night. Not long after starting it’s evident that someone will need to carry Kythan and he ends up being “Blaster-Mastered” with Barodin for the trip (who luckily has the Marching proficiency so isn’t quite as encumbered by this). It’s still hard going for Zatha though as he needs to jog to keep up with the long-strding humans and elf.

The overall trip to the Keep is pretty uneventful. The only “encounter” being coming across a big pile of discarded corn husks and cobs on the side of the road. At the end of the first days march they arrive at Kar Darkan, the first waystation on the way to the Keep.

The proprietors salty disposition doesn’t sit well with Kythan or Zatha so in the middle of the night they deign to rob the place. Kythan keeps watch and Zatha sneaks in to the bedroom as the family sleeps (where he saw him take the daily strongbox earlier). There’s not much in there but Zatha takes some of the coinage and splits it with Kythan.

Next morning they head out and again don’t have any encounters and reach Kar Mandri in the evening. This place is a bit more friendly as the owners daughters sing and dance and there is a lot more drinking and gambling. Zatha is too tired from the march and being up late the night before to cause any trouble, and Kythan sees all the gambling going on as showing favour to Risk so also doesn’t cause any trouble.

Barodin attempts to seduce one of the daughters but it doesn’t go very well. Her father has his eye on him now.

The next day they head out and again no encounters occur and they reach Kar Vesbul at the end of the night. This waystation is in slight disrepair and the proprietor seems a bit bitter about the whole thing. Barodin spends a lot of time asking questions and finds out that the owners have a son in the guard at the Keep so they treat most of the soldiers from there as extended family. Zatha is again too tired to attempt anything and Kythan does poorly at gambling.

The last day of travel is like all the rest: uneventful. It’s approaching evening as they reach the serpentine trail and the soldiers say they need to hurry and reach the gate before it closes for the night. Luckily because it’s so late there’s no other traffic and they huff and puff up the switchback and make it to Frandor’s Keep itself.

Situated on an island in the middle of the Tanara River they have to travel over bridges and drawbridges to make it to the Keep proper. The guards at the gate grill them on their names and occupations. Kythan and Zatha give aliases while Massar and Barodin give their real names. Barodin identifies them as mercenaries and the guard mentions they should check with the Bounty Master.

Kythan identifies himself as a priest of Risk (Priest Yorick…. :|). The guard warn that they’ll be watching him, but don’t do anything overt as hey, a lot of soldiers have a healthy respect for Draper. Belipar also vouches for them.

The group is escorted into the lower bailey where they see a man tied to a pillory who is apparently a murderer, they’re told not to talk to him. They’re led into an office where their large weapons are confiscated and stored. They are told the rules of the Keep and asked to not cause trouble. Their names and occupations are asked again and this time written in a log by a scribe.

All these formalities done they are led to the Fallow Gate and Belipar takes them up into the middle bailey. He points out the buildings they pass on their way to his apartment. Upon reaching it they note it is too small and filled with art supplies for them to sleep there like they planned.

Belipar pays them 30 silver coins and says he must prepare the lead tomorrow, but the next day they can begin posing for painting – try to think of a way to look heroic. At this Massar takes his shirt off and flexes, and Kythan takes his pants off and uh “flexes”. The artist suggests they stay at the Three Leaves to the Wind Inn for the night.

Flush with their winnings the group heads to the Inn, pays for the common room and gets some food and begins to discuss their options.


Session One
White Pallet, Ivory Horns


Our party of “heroes” (Barodin Blighthwood, Kythan, Massar & Zatha)) has been stranded in the walled town of Vew for the past few days due to severe rainstorms . It is definitely no weather to be wandering around the wilderness in. They have taken refuge in the Green Griffyn Inn during the storm and are just about now growing bored out of their minds.

This morning the rain has finally stopped and after poking their heads out the door they are greeted by a nice sunny day. The road however, is still a muddy mess and will take some time to dry to a comfortable travelling quality.

As they sit in the main room of the Inn talking to each other about getting out of there finally a man enters from outside, looks around and zeros in on the party and approaches their table.

He introduces himself as a local painter of great repute named Belipar and asks if he may hire them for a job as they look to be the adventuring type. Kythan suggests that he purchase them a round of drinks for the trouble while Zatha picks his pockets – sadly finding his coinpurse empty.

Belipar agrees and heads to the bar while Kythan proclaims that this shall be a LUCKY day. Zatha makes light of the rotund halflings weight and suggests that they should ask for pay up front: “He dresses fancy but he could be moah broke than this fightah is cowahdly.” (in reference to Barodin).

Kythan wrests himself from his chair loudly calling to the painter that he didn’t take their order: “We’ve got exquisite tastes! And refined senses.” He waddles over to the bar to suggest drinks and also picks Belipars pocket also find his coin purse is empty. He does overhear him trying to set up a tab with the bartender though.

Kythan: “Oh yes, our lucky day. I can tell.”

Belipar returns the the table and the serving wench brings them a tray of ales. He regales them with a tragic tale of a missing shipment of lead that he was in need of to manufacture white paint for a painting he had been commissioned to finish.

(Right about here my mic kinda died so I ended up typing most of the banter. Which in retrospect means I can pretty much just copy-paste the exchange Smile )

Zatha: Anyone who buy me beah is welcome to talk.
Kythan: Mmmm, delicious!!! Finer than any I’ve ever tasted!
Zatha: Paint?
Kythan: I know all about lead. I have 15 lead teeth!
Had them since a baby!
Lead for paint eh?
Belipar: “Indeed!”
Zatha: What’s gettin it back wahth to yah?
Kythan: Or EACH!?
Zatha: Oah each?
Kythan peers intensely.
Belipar: “Each? Goodness no I am not that wealthy! 25 pieces of silver for the group that is.”
Kythan: What about supper? I’ve been smelling turky ALL DAY.
Massar nods, “We will naturally have…travel expenses.”
Kythan: Like food.
Zatha: Who cahes about suppah? You have enough on yah bones fah weeks.
I like tha elf though. He makes a good point.
Kythan: It takes a lot of fuel this fine machine.
Kythan nods in agreement.
Massar: Perhaps just a small advance to cover the cost of making the journey?
Kythan: Ooo yes. Yes, yes. Game of cards while we talk?
Barodin Blighthwood: i will play you fat man
Zatha: If weah gonna make some coin, I’d rahthah do that.
Kythan grins widely.
Belipar: “Well, an advance… I don’t know… I don’t really know you all and not that I don’t trust you but I really can’t afford to lose anymore money
without seeing my precious lead”
Kythan: We’ll get some lead for your pencil. Just need to wet our beaks you see.

At this Barodin grabs him by the scruff of the neck and intimidates him with his bad pickle-breath into giving them an advance.

Zatha leans back in his chair and puts his feet on the table
Belipar: “I ah, well you see.. I don’t have any coin on me right now… however I could throw in a comission of your fine group as well!”
Kythan: What should we play for? Lucky day, oh yes. The rest of your pickle maybe?!
Zatha: So you bought us drinks with no coin?
Belipar: “A painting that would immortalize you for all time, your praises sung to the heavens by all those who gaze upon it!”
Barodin Blighthwood: what do you think boys take him up on the offer or I start punching?
Massar: Let’s not get off on the wrong foot now, I think this is as good an offer as any.
Kythan: If we get supper, I say we’re friends.
Zatha: He’s right. Bettah some coin than nun.
Belipar: “Aha, so a deal then? My lead for 25 silver and a painting of such quality to make the very gods weep.”
Massar: Although I’d like to hear more about this before we get tangled up in it, who would rob this caravan of lead? How did you even get word of it?
Zatha mutters “we can probably sell tha paintin for another 3 silvah.”
Belipar: “I don’t know, though there have been rumours of bandits in these parts. Call themselves The Ravens.”
Barodin Blighthwood: lets the frilly artist go “ok fancy man we be interested.”
Kythan tuts Zatha. “Better to use as SEED money so that we can win more.”
Belipar: “I heard from a woodsman that saw the wreckage of the caravan out on the Old Has Road.”
Zatha: Ahm bettin theahs moah than just lead in the cahavan
Belipar: “If you like I can make you a map of where he told me he saw it.”
Zatha: Could scoah some moah loot than just for fluffy hat heah.
Kythan pulls out a deck of cards and nods at Zatha.
Massar: Yes, the map please. And any idea where this woodsman might be now? Perhaps we should visit with him and see if he knows anything else.
Belipar: "I don’t know, he doesn’t oft come into town from what I hear. One of them “ranger” folk you know how they are"
Massar: Did you catch his name by chance?
Zatha: Oh yeah. Rangah. Those fukahs are weahd.
Massar rolls his eyes, “Children these days learn foul language at such a young age.”
Belipar: “Lirod I believe?” (he doesn’t seem sure)
Zatha: I leahned it from yan muthah last night.
Kythan shuffles his deck and looks hungrily at Barodin’s pickle.
Belipar does art
Barodin Blighthwood: “stop peeping my pickle son”
Zoula (GM): time passes
Zatha throws back his head and laughs
Zatha: Kythan wants yah pickle. Huhlahious.
Kythan nudges the artist. “You know, getting your lead stolen. Downright unlucky. But your luck turned when you walked in here today.” He then grins maniacally.
Massar: How much lead is this, by the way?
Kythan whines: “Oh, but it just looks SO GOOD. You already had half. I just want a nibble. A bite. You won’t even notice it’s missing!”
Belipar looks at Kythan “Please sir. An artiste must not be interrupted.”
Belipar: “A chunk about the size of your pickle friends clenched fist I dare say”
Barodin Blighthwood: tosses the pickle at Kythan..“Fine have it i’m full anyway.”
Zoula (GM): more time passes – your drinks are dangerously empty
Kythan deftly snags it out of the air and slowly savors the pickle. Chewing slowly, lovingly.
Kythan: Oh, you won’t regret this.
Nononono, definitely not.
Belipar continues drawing
Zoula (GM): About 20min has passed
Kythan: So, I’m running low on drink. And you said you’d be me some turkey, drawy-man?
Zatha: Shiat. How long does a fackin map take to drawr? I could do that shit in like fahty seconds.
Barodin Blighthwood: “They even have turkey here?”
Wench: “No turkey here luv”
Zatha: Just gotta gnawr on yah own ahm.
Kythan: NO TURKEY!
Zatha: Is he friends with ehvahy treer out theah?
Kythan looks about to burst out into tears. Maybe our luck is turning sour. What have you got to eat love?
Wench: “Got some a’ yesterdays mutton if ye like”
Kythan: Drawy-man said he’d buy!! I’ll take it!
Zatha: Fackin ahtists.
Zoula (GM): It has been an hour, a plate of mutton and stale bread arrives for Kythan along with a top up of ale for everyone
Zatha sleeps in his chair, feet up on the table, mouth hanging open
Kythan licks his lips. “Oh yes, oh yes, these are good portents. How lucky that they had mutton, EXACTLY what I wanted.”
Zoula (GM): more time passes, some merchants come in for lunch
Barodin Blighthwood: “Hey Kythan want to play coppers and see who can bounce one in Zatha’s mouth first?”
Kythan: YES! You first.
Barodin Blighthwood: I see if i can bounce a copper into Zatha’s open mouth

So after much kibitzing Belipar finished the map and delivered it to the party. He said he’s be in town for the remainder of the week and then left.

After some discussion on who would carry Kythans food (since he only has a Strength of 5) the party heads out into the noonday sun, ready to track down some lead!

The road has started to harden up, and Massar looks up at the sky and declares that the next few days should be clear skies. They travel down the road from Vew to Sabden, slowed to a crawl by the two halfings.

Eventually they enter a forested area, and shortly after come across the wrecked remains of a cart and some dead bodies, pretty much right where Belipars map showed. Scavenging the area all they find of any value are two shortswords and a few arrows. Barodin examines the arrows and relays that they aren’t quality human made – they’ve been fire sharpened – no metal. Still functional, but not worth anything. Massar takes them anyway.

Due to the mud it’s ridiculously easy to find tracks. Many small shoeless footprints, some horse hooves and the ruts to another wagon lead off to the east. Noticing the birds have stopped chirping the two halflings hide in the bush. Nothing happens and they come out. Everyone starts Sneaking at this point. Though the halflings and elf are noticeably better at it.

They follow the tracks a mere 20 yards or so into a clearing off the side of the road and find the second cart crammed into some rocks. It appears abandoned. There’s no time for that now however – a pack of hungry wolves burst out of the bush and race towards Barodin (and Kythan).

Massar races over to Barodin and shakes him awake (+7 to Init is no joke lol) while Zatha and Kythan remain hiding in the hopes that the big folk can deal with it. Zatha actually starts moving to the scrum in hopes of getting in a backstab.

One of the wolves was hanging a bit further back and Kythan beans it on the head with his sling causing it to turn tail and scamper off!

There are two wolves on Massar, and two on Bardoin at this point. One of the once attacking Massar trips and accidentally bites its packmate beside it. Then when Massar attack it, it critically fumbles its defense and gets nailed for 10 damage. It turns to run off as well.

Massar follows it and gets a free attack as it runs getting a critical hit doing a total of 26 damage to its right foreleg. Causing it to fail a trauma check and crash to the ground. Massar moved up to deliver the coup de grace to it.

Meanwhile Barodin has been managing to miss every attack, but Zatha sneaks up on the wolf and delivers a backstab. It turns on him and gets a critical hit! He spends 8 points of Luck declaring that he slipped on e muddy ground just as it would have bitten him.

Just then Kythan fires his sling into melee (trust in Risk) and nails the wolf about to eat Zatha in the face for 16 damage from epic penetration rolls. It also fails a trauma check and falls down.

Barodin goes to hit the other wolf on him but it gets a Perfect Defense and hits with its free attack doing 7 damage!

However at this point with 1 wolf fled and 2 knocked out the other 2 decide this isn’t worth it and flee as well. They party does not pursue and they easily dispatch the two discombobulated wolves.

Checking the wagon they see it’s in good shape, and are about to try to move it from where it’s stuck when it’s pointed out that if they leave it there nobody else could take it – and they could come get it on their way back.

Everyone agrees and Massar throws Kythans in it too.

Looking around the area they also discover the bloated rotting bodies of two horses just outside the clearing. Kythan talks about eating them, but it’s pointed out that even ravenous wolves didn’t want to.

Wolves either dead or run off, the party takes some time to rest while Massar tends to their wounds with first aid. Afterwards the party follows the continuing tracks to the east.

The halfling and elves vanish into the undergrowth and move silently like ghosts while Barodin tromps through stepping on every twig imaginable.

They very quickly come out of the forest onto the beach of a lake. There’s a path moving along the beach and they can’t tell which way the tracks went (at their level of Tracking skill the actually can’t tell how old tracks are). They can see about a mile down the lakeshore to the north is a craggy rock formation on a peninsula, and about a mile to the south is a cottage with smoke coming from a chimney.

There is some debate about which way to go but they decide to head to the cottage in the hopes it may be the home of the ranger Belipar spoke of, or that they may have some stew available. They do however decide to stick in the treeline which slows their progress.

Not very long from starting out they spy an apple tree on the shore which gets Kythan all hungry. They come out of the woods and look at the tree which is too tall for the stout halfling to reach. He and Massar get into a negotiation about how much Kythan is will to pay the elf to pick him some apples. The cleric doesn’t want to pay so takes out his sling.

Zatha: Fatty, you can get apples when we ahen’t about tah get dead.
Kythan: You’re about to see the deft climbing skills of a Halfling, you tall folk.

Kythan pulls out his sling and aims at an apple.

Barodin has no time for that and just walks up to pick some damn apples. Sadly, he trips a crude tripline which causes a wicker basket full of snakes to fall on him! They bite him and he’s poisoned! (-1 to Attack/Defense/Damage for 13 hours)

Kyhtan fires his sling in hopes of killing a snake but hits Barodin in the back of the head by accident “luckily” only doing 1 damage after DR. Barodin and Massar smoke the small snakes in one shot each.

Kythan: Oh my, we should be able to get all the apples now.
Thank you so much for your help.
Massar: I think you should relax with the apples my corpulent friend
(To Zatha): You detect no more traps. You do see however that this trap was hella obvious if you had looked.
(To Kythan): You detect no more traps. You do see however that this trap was hella obvious if you had looked.
(From Zatha): oooo, noobed. Noted, ty
Kythan: A well disguised trap! My god wanted us to earn these apples. THEY MUST BE BLESSED.
Zatha whispers Well disguised my ass.
Kythan: He has communicated to me that we need at least three, to insure success!
Massar: I’ll trade you some coin for these oh-so-hard to reach apples.
Kythan: And I must eat them all posthaste!
Barodin Blighthwood: I’ll bless these apples up your ass
Massar strains on his tippy-toes to pick some apples.

Massar picks some apples and doesn’t give any to Kythan out of spite. He also looks at the wound on Barodins head but says it’s just a scratch and leaves it. Kyhtan eventually knocks a green one down with his sling, and Zatha is eating one from an unknown source.

After the Great Apple Tree Encounter the party continues ghosting (and tromping) through the woods, arriving at the cottage in the early evening. They can see an old woman sitting on a rocking chair knitting.

They approach and announce themselves and she introduces herself as the Widow Parakin. She tells them she lives alone out here in her cottage and sadly doesn’t know about any caravan robbery, but her husband used to talk about “monsters” out on the other side of the lake.

She invites them to share her stew which Kythan immediately agrees to. Barodin continues to ask her invasive questions like “did you kill your husband?” but overall the night passes sociably. Zatha sneaks around and notes a rowboat tied up outside.

Kythan pockets one of her wooden spoons (Zatha had already cased the joint, and there wasn’t really anything worth much) but then also offers to bless any dice she may have. She brings her husbands old dice from “that dwarven game” and he in fact uses the Ceremony spell to enchant them into a holy symbol of Draper. She thanks him and places them in a prominent location.

Offered the shed out back to sleep in the party rests and wakes in the morning to some herbal tea. The widow apologizes that she can’t afford to spare more food for them.

There is some discussion on where to go now. Everyone agrees to head to the rocky outcropping on the other side of the lake. Some want to use the boat (Massar has the Boating skill) but Zatha is against it because you can’t stealth in a boat. Also, it may drop them off the edge of the world.

Eventually they say goodbye to the Widow and back up the path to the North again.

Sticking to the treeline the party takes it’s sweet time to travel the roughly two miles to the mysterious rocky outcropping. They see more of the tracks in the sand in front of a dark cave opening! Dun dun dun! Zatha decides to scout around it to see if there are any other exits, and Kythan follows suit.

Barodin and Massar stand around in the treeline waiting. And then…. this happened…

Massar chats up Barodin, “So where you from buddy?”
Zatha mutters under his breath “More damn wolves”
Barodin Blighthwood: The capital, you?
was in the army moved around a lot
Massar: I came through that trading pass not too long ago, grew up over the mountain range around Cosdol. Can’t stand being around them anymore, though.
Barodin Blighthwood: mmmm why’s that?
Kythan: Lots of rocks.
Massar shrugs. Just elves, the aging difference. The facial hair. It’s hard to fit in after awhile when your’e a halfsy.
Kythan: I stubbed my toe.
Kythan winces.
Barodin Blighthwood: YOUR A HALF ELF!?! Never noticed, whats that like?
Kythan: If you’re a halfling, YOU’VE GOT SOME KIND OF HEIGHT DISORDER!
Zatha: I say we wait around a bit and see if anythin happens
The goal is to stay quiet yah jahks!
Massar: I don’t have much to complain about.
Cream of the crop and all.
Kythan: I do.
Your work ethic.
Putting down my food.
Massar tugs at his bandages, “You know if I die, you die next, right?”
Kythan: I’m too fat to die!
Barodin Blighthwood: Let me ask you something. I hear that them elves be small you know down there, dose that afflict you too?
Massar: I hear wolves love fat game.
Kythan: Padding and all.
Zatha snorts in laughter at barodin
Massar: It’s all about perspective, I guess. I’ve never got any complaints.
Barodin Blighthwood: ok, thank you,
Zatha: You two are like a damn mahied couple.
Barodin Blighthwood: always wondered
Zoula (GM): Throughout the day you don’t see anything going on
Zatha: Ya know, halflings are propahtionally longah than othah races.
Barodin Blighthwood: prove it little man!
Zatha: Yah hittin on meh?
Barodin Blighthwood: what?
Zatha: Wantin tah see mah peckah!
Kythan drops his pants again.
Kythan struts in a circle.
Zoula (GM): Well, this escalated quickly
Barodin Blighthwood: its for science
Kythan does a hip swiggle in front of Barodin.
Zatha: I dun wanna poke yah eye oot.

Such are the dangers of the Nosy quirk…

Anyways, during Zathas scouting op he heard something inside the cave. Sounded kind of like barking and growling language. The group decides to wait out whatever is inside and go on stakeout.

It is at this point that Kythan realizes he didn’t bring any food with him because he left it on the cart. Massar offers to sell him some but the cleric isn’t having any of that and even though Barodin offered to just give him some, for some unknown reason Kythan decides he’s going to go back to the cart and get some food and then take it to the widow to get it cooked.

Luckily there are no random encounters (both for him surviving and for me to quickly figure one out lol) and he makes it back to the cottage to find the widow making jam preserves. She agrees to cook his rations and makes some extra for “on the road”

[Note that in HM there are different types of rations you can buy and Selphius bought the cheap ones which is really more like an oatmeal/porridge kind of situation and requires having the Cooking skill to prepare. The others had trail rations which is dried jerky and cheeses and the like so they didn’t need to prep it]

EVENTUALLY Kythan makes it back to the rest of the party without incident. Nothing of interest has happened during his absence. Zatha decides to take a closer look at the entrance and sneaks up as it starts getting dark.

He notes that he can hear heavy breathing, a few odd growls and the clinking of glass on glass. Also he smells stale ale, wet dog and urine. Finally he notes a similar tripline to the one at the apple tree and disables it and heads back to the rest.

The party decides to move up in stealth. They sneak up but can’t see very far into the dark cave so Barodin lights a torch. Due to the torch they pretty much decide to YOLO it and just go in.

Inside the cave are 5 kobolds and a kobold leader. 3 of the kobolds were sleeping and 2 were playing around with glass bottles in the corner while the leader was sharpening his shortsword when all this started.

Init is rolled and most get in the 3 or 5 range except Barodin with the mighty 13 lol.

Massar stops holding Kythan’s hand and starts holding Barodin’s instead, whispering in his ear, “There’s fucking MONSTERS. DO YOU NOT HEAR THAT?”

Kythan starts up by hitting a kobold with a shot from his sling but is then hit by the kobold leader using its short bow. Barodin throws the torch in the middle of the cave and gets his shield ready while moving to engage the kobolds.

Barodin charges into a kobold and nails it for 10 damage and it rolls a nat 20 on its ToP check so is basically done as far as this fight is concerned. The kobold beside it attacks Barodin but fumbles getting its companions blood in its eyes!

Zatha has been moving up to ToP on the still sleeping (though one is waking now) kobolds and gets attacked by one, having to rely on Luck Points to avoid being hit.

Zatha while swinging his dagger down at the sleeping kobold sprays some dirt from teh ground RANDOMLY into the eyes of the kobold attacking him (+3 defense)

Kythan hits with another sling stone and then Massar hits one with his bow and it also rolls a nat 20 on it’s ToP check!

The kobold leader gives a big speech and then shoots Massar with its shortbow for 6 damage. Massar is extremely wounded now…

Zatha coup de graces one kobold but then gets attacked by a kobold which gets a critical hit! But then he rolls a defense of 23 vs its attack of 22 so it misses!! Huh?

The kobold with blood in its eyes attacks Barodin and fumbles again! Its belt breaks and its pants fall down just like Kythan! Also Barodin gets a free attack which he nails it for 20 damage with. Yep. Dead.

It’s pretty much just the leader and ToP’d chumps now. A grand string of critical hits and fumble occurs but eventually they kill it.

Barodin Blighthwood: Barodin Blighthwood defends with while wielding mace 1
Massar holds Barodin’s hand.
Massar: It’ll be okay.

The most notable being that Kythan fumbles a sling shot and somehow pulls his hamstring! Giving him a -1 to attacks and a 50% movement penalty for 6 weeks! Damn.

Selphius had to leave during the fight due to kid emergency so once the fight was done we finished for the evening. I think first aid checks were made though.


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