Frandor's Keep


Frandor’s Keep sits on Prying Eye Island, perched on the brink of the Tanara Falls and dwarfed by the towering walls of Hell’s Throat flanking either side. Even the most traveled and jaded observer can’t help but be impressed when first laying eyes on the site.

The Keep exists primarily as a first line of defense against the humanoids living in the mountains that often invaded into P’Bpar through Hell’s Throat. When silver and gold were also found in the surrounding mountains it turned into a minor trading hub, bringing all manner of civilians and adventurers to it as well.

A few years ago an orc invasion led by the visionary leader Ahk’Tang swept through the Borderlands and Frandor’s Keep was taken by the humanoids. When the Baparan armies moved into the Borderlands to retake the Keep and save the villages they found that the orcs numbers had been devastated by plague and didn’t even have to fight to claim them back.

The garrison at the Keep has been replenished and the leader of the reoccupying force General Ganitak was appointed the new Keep Prefect. A harsh disciplinarian, he has kept the roads safe but has been making things difficult for merchants and freemen in the area. Eventually the Earl of Reyifor himself moved into a manor in the Keep to oversee the flow of trade (and taxes) through Frandor’s. The two have been butting heads on procedures.

The Keep is separated into a few distinct areas, each with differing levels of access to adventurer types:


Frandor's Keep

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