Population: 603

This village’s existence is due largely to Frandor’s Keep. Many of her tradesmen and farmers are directly involved in providing logistical support to the fortress. Farmers raise pigs, chickens and dairy cows, and plant barley and winter wheat. Mountain whitefish and trout are abundant in the river and fishermen routinely bring in a good catch.

There are an unusual number of craftsmen for a village of this size, with several metalworkers, woodworkers, tanners and a water-driven sawmill along the riverbank. The village’s merchants are able to procure almost anything a buyer wishes.

Vew has a small military contingent that helps patrol The Borderlands Road leading to the Keep and escorts merchants and caravans along the way. A constabulary in direct employ of the Earl of Reyifor provides for local defence. The earl maintains a manor home and horse farm a mile from the village. His chamberlain oversees the property and acts as de facto Mayor of the villages.

Notable Buildings

Recent Events

  • A caravan travelling from Sabden to Vew was attacked and stolen by raiders that were then revealed to have been Kobolds. A party of adventurers slew the kobolds and returned some stolen goods and made the area safer for everyone.


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