The Grey Borderlands

Session Fifteen - The Plan


Another week, another delayed recap. So much so that I barely remember what happened. :p

The majority of this session was spent in planning, or “plotting” depending on how you look at these things. Much time was spent in Karinar Manor, and the deal between Zatha and Rihnan regarding magical supplies Zatha “may” have had was resolved.

There was much dickering back and forth about what to do (and some stalling – Aceris was going to be late and Bilge was a no show so we didn’t really do too much) but eventually the group decided to just remain in the manor and then head out back to Kar Vesbul to meet with Larzon and find out what he’d learned of the Ravens in the past week.

On their way back to the Waystation they notice a bear in the distance off the road. One that is much larger than the one they were avoiding around the berry bushes back at the manor in fact. Taking a closer look everyone but Eddock is able to see that there is also the mauled carcass of an orc beside the bear, which appears to be sleeping. Curious and lusty for loot Zatha sneaks up beside the ursine and checks the orc corpse, pocketing a few silver from its pouch before returning to the party and sharing the coins.

Arriving at Kar Vesbul the party is served some stew by Old Jaes Mondaly who bemoans the recent upswing in bandit attacks and sadly informs the party that the price for goods has gone up due to scarcity, especially alcohol. Being shy of coin (as the new characters haven’t actually succeeded in a quest yet heh) Eddock offers to chop firewood for his supper which the old man agrees to.

Eventually Larzon arrives and loudly greets the PCs and Jaes and asks for drinks “to go” as he wishes to go and eat and drink out in the midst of nature as the gods intended. He leads the party outside and takes a walk a bit away from the waystation before starting into his stew and quaffing his ale.

Once done eating he tells the group he wanted to make sure that they were away from any extra ears, as their “little stunt” in Quarrytown has made it obvious just how many eyes and ears Rikar has in the area. In fact he mentions that Nepra, the moneychanger stationed in the Keep came into Quarrytown to tell the Ravens about Zathas little trip in to see Dasas. There are bounties out on both Zatha and Massar. At which point he asks where Massar is and is told of the elves fate, but he simply shrugs his shoulders at that, and accepts that a cleric of good would want to see the Ravens removed approves Valencio joining the venture.

Some more discussion is had about what their next move should be happens. Larzon informs them that Rikar has gone on both a recruiting binge and stepped up his attacks on caravans and remarks that he can’t understand how he’s managing to pay all these gangmembers. He also heard that there was another group that had a bit of a dust up with the Ravens recently (though not as extreme as Zathas) and fled northwest into the hills and maybe they could be approached as allies.

Weighing the options the party decides that since the Ravens are sending out more small groups to ambush caravans then perhaps it was time to turn the tables and ambush the Ravens instead. Larzon mentions that there are a few routes that he has seen Ravens take out of Quarrytown, but he hasn’t dared follow them out into the wilderness for fear of being caught. The PlanTM then is that the party is going to hide near one of the back trails that the Ravens use to exit Quarrytown out on the Shelf and Larzon will wait with a campfire looking like a tired traveller, hoping acting as bait.

The long and short of it is that the party enacts this plan to grand success. I mean damn, it’s like the opposite of the orc encounter. Their dice sing and mine did nothing heh. In the initial ambush Eddock charges out and does 27 damage in a single blow and Valencia nails another for 18 damage. Killing one and ToPing another in the first 3 seconds. Rihnan attacks the Raven Lieutenant with his spetum and does 13 damage, making his opponent fail his ToP too!


Rihnan drops his polearms and casts [i]Scorch[/i] doing 10 damage. The first spell damage of the party! Huzzah. Zatha then gets in a most righteous backstab with his dagger doing 24 damage! The Raven Fighter he hit however does not succumb to trauma and spins around with his sword and hits Zatha! But Aceris decides to spend some luck and avoids getting hit afterall.

Zatha, without actually moving at all, just ends up not being hit. For some reason, the Raven, in mid swing, just flinches in pain. Probably from his missing kidney.

Between Eddock getting in another 13 damage from a great sword swing and Rihnan hitting again for 10 with his polearm the Ravens are quite thoroughly trounced and burning.

Rihnan: Anyone else getting hungry?!
Rihnan: I love the smell of nap… I mean cooking flesh in the middle of the night!
Wow, is it hot out here or is it just him? He absolutely looks like he’s burning up!
Eddock: what wrong with you Rihn
Valencio: lol rekt
Rihnan: Me? Nothing, but he looks like he could use some aloe vera!
Zatha: Y’all are fucked up. Let tha poah guy bahn in piece.
Valencio: “We should burn their bodies. So they don’t raise as undead.”

One Raven survived this however and he is tied up and interrogated.

Rihnan whispers to Zatha, “Cause we’re totally not gonna kill you either way for your head.”
Rihnan chuckles.
Zatha grins at Rihnan. “Pooah bastahd.”

Sadly he doesn’t really know too much and is executed and his head removed as proof of bounty. There is some discussion on how they would actually prove these are Ravens and not just poor farmers that they murdered in their sleep… perhaps the cleric of The True must ask them? Who knows. They aren’t actually quite sure how to get back in the Keep to get their bounty yet…

Valencio: We should just pile them all up in the middle of the road
Rihnan: Man, their leader really lost his head. HAH!
We really made out like BANDITS!
Eddock: SHUT-UP
Zatha: Puns? Really?
Rihnan chuckles to himself.
Valencio: What a hot head
Eddock: you too preachy boy, SHUT IT!!

And flush with their success ‘twas where we left off. :)


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