The Grey Borderlands

Session Thirteen - The New Blood

Frandor's Keep


Okay so it’s been two weeks since the last game session and I haven’t updated the recap at all. I was gone up north to a cottage for 10 days so didn’t really have a chance to do it and then when I got home – well let’s just say I’m lazy :) Either way, time has passed so I will most likely be forgetting a whole lot of what happened.

We left last session with Massar and Zatha fleeing from Quarrytown after the parties disastrous showdown with Rikar and The Ravens. Massar essentially just booked it off into the darkness of the wilderness but Zatha had a bit more trouble. He couldn’t move as fast, and even as skilled as he was there were now lots of people running around looking for him, and he didn’t have his halfing outdoors bonus to rely on.

While he’s looking for a better hiding spot he is discovered by a large gruff man that says he was watching the whole thing and can help him. Lacking many other options Zatha agrees and sneaks up to his rescuers tent which is filled with all manner of furs.

The man introduces himself as Larzon Bayz and says that he’s a bounty hunter that has come here due to the bounty of the Ravens. He continues that he’s been scouting out the Ravens for some time now, watching them for patterns and weaknesses and waiting for his time to strike – but their tragic attack has disrupted everything.

Larzon tells Zatha that he has a few others waiting for word from him at Kar Vesbul before they set their trap to take out Rikar, and asks if the halfing wants in as he can use more fighters. Zatha agrees and mentions that some of the others may have survived so needs some time to find them before heading out. With that an agreement is made – Larzon will smuggle Zatha out of Quarrytown and they will meet in a few days at Kar Vesbul (the closest waystation along the Borderland Road).

After some last minute shopping Zatha travels to Karinar Manor where apparently the group had a standing agreement to meet up in if they became separated (who knew!?) and finds Massar. They bemoan the fate of their fellows (more Barodin than Kythan…) and Zatha tells the half-elf about their chance for vengeance. He at first seems reluctant and offers that they should just leave the area but eventually agrees.

Meanwhile at Kar Vesbul the new characters have been waiting for some time for word from Larzan, growing bored. Eashla has made a new fighter with ridiculous stats and a 2-handed weapon named Eddock and Selphius has made an elven mage named Phoenix, I mean Xynan, I mean Rhinan. Eddock has been helping out around the place while they wait using his Maintenance and Upkeep proficiency must to the delight of Old Jas Mondaly. It’s noted that he often receives bigger portions at dinner.

Larzon arrives at the waystation and tells his two co-conspirators that he’s added at least one more to their ranks and tells them about the botched attack in Quarrytown. The good news is some of the Ravens numbers have been trimmed – the bad news is they are on much more of an alert now.

The next day Zatha and Massar arrive and meet with the new party members.

Zatha sighs and walks over muttering “Mah elves.”
Zatha points his thumb backwards “This is Massah”
Zatha looks at Massar “They’s anothah elf fah ya now!”
Rihnan peers at the halfling. “What language is that?!”
Zatha: Doncha speak common?*
Rihnan: I think so, but I’m not sure that’s what that is.
Zatha: Yah can say it, but yah don’t heah it well eh?

(*being that there is no Common I imagine they’re actually speaking Baparan atm. -10 Immersion points)

Larzan suggests that he will return to Quarrytown to see how the place reacts to the “event” a few days ago and that the rest of them should get to know each other, find something to do and meet back in a week to formulate their plan after getting more intel. He pays for their drinks and departs leaving them to discuss fashion, how Eddock and Rhinan met and let Selphius flex his Inappropriate Sense of Humour quirk…

Zatha: Is that a euphemism?
Rihnan: I’m a bit of a spear fighter myself, but my talents are mostly arcane.*
Eddock: everything with this guy is a euphemism. har har!!
Zatha: Speah fightah I get it!
Rihnan: Spear fighting.
Zatha: That’s how ya know each othah.
Zatha: That’s how elves ah. Sounds nahmal tah me.
Rihnan whispers to Zatha, “It’s true, Elven cities and prison. Same thing.”
Zatha considers how to get Massar back to the town.
Rihnan: I heard a few rumors while I was here.

(*Rihnan is actually proficient in the Spetum)

During their extended stay Eddock and Rihnan heard some rumours that they decide to check up on. Tales of a gold mine still lying un-mined since abandoned lead them to trek into the hills. After Massar and Zatha heal up a bit first.

With that the party heads out along the road towards Falcon’s Eye Tower on the Borderlands Road. As the get close to Frandor’s Keep however they encounter goblins on the road! They actually hear the goblins talking in their ambush location so end up springing the trap on the humanoids!

Notably Eddock hits goblins for 22 damage twice and 32 damage essentially destroying them.

Massar: I have a good feeling about this party!

Eventually they make their way to the rough area the rumour indicated and realize none of them know much about geology or mining but start looking around for an abandoned mine entrance. After many hours of fruitless searching along the banks of the Tanara River they decide to head further up the shelf towards Falcon’s Eye Tower.

Moving up the switchback they still aren’t seeing anything and encounter a patrol from the tower heading back to the keep. The soldiers ask them their business and if they know anything about the strange evil totem that appeared in the area. Eddock actually introduced himself as a Knight (which he isn’t – yet) and exhibits some command qualities so eventually the soldiers defer and decide not to take the party in for questioning.

The sergeant of the patrol, Relimar Tesipor gives them some more info about the totem that’s been found and relates that the rumour of a mine is a story fabricated by Dasas to sell mining equipment to new arrivals. There is however an abandoned mine north of the keep near Vespin Tower.

Relimar asks that if they party finds out anything about the totem to come to him before anyone else. He and his squad are returning to the Keep for the night (the night watch is in the tower now) and they’ll return in the morning. They just want to get along since it feels like it’s going to rain.

The party continues some more vain searching for a mine but doesn’t find anything so continues up the switchback towards the tower coming to the shelf where the shrine was found. It’s overgrown with hedges and vegetation and hard to move through and now it’s dark they can barely see and thunder sounds and rain just starts to patter down.



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